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Feb 23, 2017Company & Culture

Trey’s Take: Keep Promises to Strengthen Partnerships

Trey’s Take: Keep Promises to Strengthen Partnerships

Do what you say you will do. It’s the single most important promise to your customer. It sounds so simple. But if your company develops and delivers services across a large workforce, in a value chain enhanced with technology dependencies and supported by collaborative information exchanges, it can be challenging. Even so, keeping that promise is the only way to form lasting partnerships with customers. So you have to work hard on this every day. It defines what makes a truly great company. And it requires that you motivate your teams and empower employees to be steadily improving.

As president of OneSource Virtual, I see things from a variety of perspectives; how we position our value proposition to our prospects, how we provide our services and how our customers view our performance. These observations contribute to my ability to deliver on my most important role; to ensure our team understands and delivers a customer experience that is consistent with what we promise.

This is how I intend to use this OSV blog. I’ll be sharing a few decades of experience on how companies can keep their promise to customers through improvement initiatives and process innovation, and the positive impact these efforts will have on the overall customer experience.

In-House Enhancements That Improve the Customer Experience

In future posts, I’ll outline some of the strategies that support and nurture a better customer experience and help fulfill a company’s customer promise, such as:

  • Documentation of the customer lifecycle as a means of identifying opportunities for tangible process innovation.
  • Refinement of your customer-facing teams to provide a more efficient and tailored approach to customer engagement.
  • Evaluation and redesign of existing customer service metrics to produce a more accurate indicator of company performance.
  • Launching a holistic customer communication program as a means of clear and transparent company communication.

These are just a few objectives designed to empower employees, refine business practices and drive process innovation. Stay tuned and you’ll learn how these intiiatives not only help you provide exceptional customer service, but hold you to your customer promise.