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Apr 27, 2017Company & Culture

Trey’s Take: Commit to Customer Communication

Trey’s Take: Commit to Customer Communication

In my previous post, I wrote about the importance of a company keeping promises to its customers. I also introduced this blog as a platform for me to speak to our customers and let them know how we’re making strides to improve their customer experience. But it’s more than that.

The processes we’re refining and the projects we’re putting in place are both a result of and preparation for our company’s growth. They’re also things that most companies can do to become more customer-focused. When you actively engage in customer communication to keep them looped into the things your company is doing to provide better customer service, you are preparing to deliver on promises. That’s something everyone can get excited about. Here are some of the items we’ve been working on in 1Q 2017.

Customer Lifecycle

Our Customer Success Team (CST) was charged with performing an in-depth evaluation of the OSV customer lifecycle. They identified each step in the process of setting customers up for success and flagged possible gaps or instances where OSV can improve its internal processes or handoffs between groups. We’ll use this going forward to constantly look for ways to improve the onboarding and operations experience.

Evolving the Customer Success Team

The customer wasn’t the only thing the CST assessed. The roles and responsibilities of the team itself were revisited and revised to better collaborate with customers and ensure we have defined exactly how the Customer Success Team is organized and deployed geographically to effectively serve our customers.

Tax Filing Service Enhancements

We have been making extensive investments to enhance the effectiveness of our tax filing services. Significant improvements in organization structure, technology, processing and controls have been implemented, and these are producing strong gains in accuracy and timeliness across the board as we approach 1Q 2017 filings for our customers. We expect this improvement to continue into 2Q and beyond.

Customer Communication Program

Our new Customer Communication Program is intended to provide a direct line to our customer base for sharing news, upcoming events and other important operational information. We will be regularly sharing updates as we evolve this program going forward.

More to Come…

In the weeks and months ahead, stay tuned for info on:

  • Enhanced OSV Tax Portal
  • Formal launch of the Customer Communication Program
  • New and improved Application Management Services (AMS) offerings
  • Enhancement of OSV ticketing system