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Sep 22, 2020Company & Culture

Together Apart – Remembering What Unites Us With Our Customers

Together Apart

In a world where the coronavirus pandemic hadn’t dramatically transformed life around the world, today would have been the day we held our customer appreciation party at Workday Rising.

Our customer appreciation party is a highlight of our year, and we had some great things planned for you.

But this year is different, and we applaud Workday for every decision they’ve made to protect the health of their customers, partners, and employees.

“Together apart” has been a constant refrain throughout the year. And it’s because of technology that togetherness doesn’t have to depend on proximity, especially not when it enables real-time interactions.

For OneSource Virtual, one of the biggest ways we make “together apart” work on a daily basis is with our ability to deliver services inside our customers’ applications.

We know how powerful this is for our customers because they tell us. They appreciate our ability to not just deliver services but to actually act on their behalf as an extension of their own teams.

That’s the power of in-application service delivery. It shrinks the line between service provider and customer, and actually has the power to transform that relationship into a genuine partnership.

And best of all for our customers, in-application service delivery is possible from anywhere with a secure, stable internet connection. That’s why, when COVID-19 hit earlier this year, we were able to quickly move to remote status without missing a beat for our customers.

So, as we reflect on what was supposed to have happened today and think about the year to come, we’re thankful for what hasn’t changed—our commitment to Workday and our ability to make the day more doable for our customers.

Until we can celebrate Workday together, these two things will continue to hold us together apart.

Register here to attend Workday’s global virtual event, Conversations for a Changing World, on Oct. 20.