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Jul 31, 2019Company & Culture

The One-Word Answer for Improving the Employee Experience

By: Cay Gliebe, Nancy Hauge
The One-Word Answer for Improving the Employee Experience

As we previously mentioned, technology has the power to make work more human. Through automation and upskilling, workers can spend less time on tedious, repeatable tasks and more time on work that will prepare them for the demands of tomorrow’s job market.

But technology is doing more than just freeing up time for work that often gets sidelined. It’s also changing the expectations employees have about the overall employee experience.

As the new world of work takes shape, organizations that want to compete and attract the best talent will have to think about how they can meet or exceed those expectations. And in many cases, technology is the one-word answer they’re looking for.

Empower Your Employees by Investing in the Right Technology

Today’s workers are more educated and connected than workers of previous generations. It only makes sense, then, that younger workers aren’t going to be satisfied with low- or no-tech solutions, especially not when better ones exist.

Investing in the right solutions will have the dual effect of attracting tech-savvy employees and empowering them to work more efficiently and effectively. Conversely, sticking with older, more primitive solutions will make it harder to not only attract talented younger workers in the first place, but also to retain the ones you do attract.

But it’s not just the youngest members of Generation Z you have to think about. Anyone with a smartphone understands technology’s power to disrupt old processes and create new efficiencies. Investing now in tools like automation and machine learning to make work easier for your existing employees will have the added benefit of helping you attract those younger workers who are entering the job market.

Your customers will experience the benefits of these investments as well. Because digital automation and machine learning have the power to reduce user effort, employees can spend more time building the kinds of relationships that will lead to a superior customer experience.

Is Your Organization Flexible Enough for Today’s Employees?

Everyone knows that life doesn’t stop just because you’re supposed to go to the office. Kids get sick. Cars break. People move. But thanks to the enhanced connectivity that comes with today’s technology, work doesn’t have to get in the way of life, and life doesn’t have to get in the way of work.

More and more employees—and not just younger ones—want to work for companies that value flexibility and encourage greater work-life balance.

And with the right technology, work can happen anywhere, anytime.

As the boundaries to doing business globally evaporate, this not only helps your employees, it can help your customers and your organization as a whole.

Improve the Employee Experience by Prioritizing Engagement

According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work. The percentage in America is only slightly higher at 33%.

To increase these numbers, organizations must learn to prioritize employee engagement in ways that will lead to meaningful change.

While making meaningful change must be driven from the top, with executives and managers who are empowered to act, tools like automation and machine learning have enormous power when it comes to improving employee engagement and the employee experience.

As more routine, repeatable tasks are taken over and improved upon by these tools, your human workers have more time for work that challenges them to think creatively and critically in a collaborative environment. As a result, work can become more engaging and meaningful to your employees.

Technology Isn’t the Problem—It’s the Solution

As Millennials and Generation Z overtake Baby Boomers and Generation X in the workforce, organizations need to understand that today’s employees will have different expectations about the employee experience, due in part to their greater facility with technology.

To meet these expectations, organizations must think about how they’re not only leveraging the technology already at their fingertips, but how they will leverage emerging technologies like automation and machine learning.

These tools have the power to do more than make routine, administrative work more efficient. They have the power to make work more human by freeing employees to focus on work that requires creativity, strategy and collaboration.

Forward-thinking organizations are already implementing these solutions to make life easier for existing employees and to attract younger ones. Companies that have yet to implement them will have to make some major decisions in the near future about what kind of organization they want to become. Do you want to stick with the status quo, or do you want to take steps towards becoming the kind of company that embraces innovation as a way of creating a better experience for all of your employees?

*This is the second of five blogs co-authored with Automation Anywhere, the global leader in robotic process automation. Cay Gliebe is senior vice president of Marketing and Product Management for OSV. Nancy Hauge is the chief human resources officer for Automation Anywhere.