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Jul 09, 2013Company & Culture

The Importance of Going Green

The Importance of Going Green

Going green at work is no longer an unusual idea. In fact, companies of all sizes are getting on the “sustainability” bandwagon. By making small changes in your office, you can improve your image, save lots of dough and attract eco- conscious customers.

Here are some things to try in your office to help make an impact:

  1. Recycle! - It seems to be an easy request, however setting up and implementing a recycling plan can take time and resources. Recycling helps reduce litter and improve other avenues of your business. Make an effort to have the proper recycling bins in place, ensuring it is easy for your employees to place the correct item in the appropriate bin.
    • Paper- Think before you print! Can you print on both sides? Is there another avenue to distribute that 20-page document? If possible post employee manuals and other resources online to cut paper usage.

      "The average U.S. office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year.” –Sierra Club http://sierraclub.typepad.com/greenlife/2007/03/10_ways_to_go_g.html
    • Cans and plastic - Along with paper, recycling plastic bottles and cans makes a large impact on the environment.

      “Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for two whole weeks.” 

      Think about it, recycling one of your Diet Coke cans gives you enough energy to listen to that wicked Phillip Phillips album all the way through. Imagine how much you and your cube mates could generate with all your diet soda cans!
  2. Automatic lights - Invest in lighting that turns off when there has been an absence of movement for a certain period of time. At OneSource Virtual, we participate in this type of lighting.  Automatic lights save money and resources.
  3. Reusable Drinking Cups - Issue each new employee a reusable cup on their first day. This way, every employee has the ability to stay hydrated throughout the day and your business saves the money you would have used to purchase Styrofoam cups. At OneSource, we love the fact that our employees can reuse one cup every day instead of dirtying and throwing away multiple imperishable ones.

Small changes can make a large impact on the world around us. Continuing to recycle allows that industry to grow and employee more people, and allowing your business to feel better about itself. The Workday platform is electronic and requires less paper, making it easier for your company to really “go green”. For more information about the Workday platform, contact your Workday experts today!