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The Blogs You Read and Shared in 2017

Dec 14, 2017 Company & Culture

The Blogs You Read and Shared in 2017

Where did 2017 go?

While it seems like the year was just getting started, if you scroll through our blog you’ll have proof that, yes, 2017 did actually happen, even if it feels like a blur now. That’s why we’re using the month of December to shine a spotlight on the previous 11 months, starting last week with a recap of our Culture in Action blogs.

For today’s blog, we want to shift our focus away from us and look at you, our readers. Of all the pieces we published this year, what mattered most to you? What did you end up sharing? What topics and questions were most on your mind?

Below are five of our most read and shared blogs from 2017.

5 Things to Do Before Implementing Workday

"Before you’re ready to sit down with your deployment partner to craft a Workday implementation project plan, there are some things you, and other members of your organization, will need to do to pave the way for a successful deployment."


A People-Driven Approach to Workday Deployments

"Building a strong relationship with your Workday consultant and learning how to work together through thick and thin will be essential. But just as important? Finding a partner that shares this same mindset. It may be true that opposites attract, but not when you’re deploying Workday."


Enhancing the Procure-to-Pay Process with AP Automation for Workday Financials

"Despite what you read in the tabloids, being an accounts payable processor is not all glitz, glamour and excitement. It’s a job that requires attention to detail and an efficient mind. Even with the help of technology that automates the procure to pay process, managing invoices can still be incredibly time-consuming."


The Workday 29 Enhancements You Should Review

"We talked to our resident Application Management Services experts for the chance to peek under the hood. You’ll want to be sure and take a look at these features in the Workday 29 release."


The Right People at the Table

"Once you’ve decided to move to Workday, and your organization has prepped to deploy Workday , it’s time to sit down with your Workday implementation partner and craft a project plan. The question now is: Who are you inviting to the table to plan the crucial stages of deployment?"


The new year isn’t here yet, but you know it won’t be long until we’re looking back at all the blogs we wrote in 2018. We have to write them first, though! We look forward, over the coming months, to providing you with more informative thought leadership to read and share.

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