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May 22, 2019Company & Culture

Reflections on the American Payroll Association Congress 2019

Reflections on the American Payroll Association Congress 2019

Another APA Congress is in the books, and we thought we would pause to share some highlights.

Except for one very rainy morning that had locals welcoming guests to “Seattle,” Long Beach, California delivered what it promised: ideal seaside weather and blue skies.

APA keynotes and general sessions always deliver, and this year was no exception. Special guest speakers included actress Vicki Lawrence (Mama from “The Carol Burnett Show” and “Mama’s Family”) and futurist Vivek Wadhwa.

APA Recap - Vicki Lawrence

Mama reminded us that life is much too serious to be taken seriously: “In your twenties you’re worried about what everybody thinks about you. In your forties you don’t care what everybody thinks about you. And in your sixties, you realize that no one was ever thinking about you in the first place.”

Futurist Vivek Wadhwa sounded a warning that technology is emerging faster than we think. “The technology that was used to go to the moon can be found today in a musical greeting card,” he said. Artificial intelligence, a dream of the 1970s and thought dead 10 years ago, is in fact alive and on the verge of penetrating nearly every market—including payroll. Get ready.

As a global company providing services to multinational organizations, OneSource Virtual always tries to be sensitive to cultural differences. We found the talk on “Communication Around the World” insightful. Some cultures find a firm handshake with direct eye contact too aggressive. And if your host in another culture seems to be trying to kill you with volumes of food, stop eating everything on your plate. They won’t think you’ve had enough until you’ve left something.

Dozens of sessions were designed for payroll training and credit acquisition. Others were geared toward developing leadership skills. Still others took a distinctly thought leadership approach. From leading millennial employees and tips for effective listening to workplace violence response, the menu offered something for everyone.

OneSource Virtual’s partner in global payroll, CloudPay, led a straightforward presentation for 150 attendees about the challenges faced by global payroll companies. CloudPay CEO Paul Bartlett gave a nice shoutout to OSV during the session: “Partnership is important to us, and we’ve enjoyed a long and beneficial partnership with OneSource Virtual.”

APA Recap

On the crowded expo floor, Workday was handing out capes to payroll superheroes everywhere. We were honored to be invited into their booth, where our own payroll superhero, OSV VP of Payroll Services Gaye Krisantz, led a theater session highlighting the unlimited possibilities that exist when the right software (Workday Payroll) is matched with the right payroll service provider (OneSource Virtual).

We enjoyed seeing you at the 37th annual American Payroll Association Congress this year. We hope you enjoyed the nearly 1,000 cookies we gave away at our booth, reminding you that “payroll processing has never been sweeter!” If you missed us at APA Congress and would like to learn more about our payroll services (or employee services, COBRA, finance and accounting, payroll tax, Workday AMS and many others), please contact us.

See you next year at APA Congress 2020 in sunny Orlando!