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Jan 22, 2013Company & Culture

Participating in a Customer Advocacy Program…What’s In It For You?

Participating in a Customer Advocacy Program …What’s In It For You?

When customers consider participating in a customer advocacy program, they have every right to ask, "What's in it for me?" After all, participation in reference activities takes time out of your busy schedule; hoping for a return on your commitment isn't too much to ask.

It is important to consider the benefits you and your company will receive from being a part of a reference program.  Below you will find some of the advantages coming your way when you agree to contribute to a reference program.

  • Establishing your company and yourself as industry leaders and innovators - Sharing your experiences shows that you are on the leading edge of establishing the newest technology within your organization.
  • Enhanced exposure – Your participation can mean increased publicity and exposure for your company through articles, case studies, press releases and/or video testimonials.
  • Networking opportunities – Joining a customer reference program can give you the opportunity to connect with peers and other industry leaders that might otherwise not be available to you.  This networking opportunity can help you gain the maximum value from your implementation by sharing ideas and solutions.
  • Personal and career development – Your participation in a reference program can help to build a name for yourself within your organization, as well as in your industry.
  • Earning awards – Many reference programs allow you to earn rewards for each activity in which you participate (such as reference calls, quotes, video testimonials, etc.)  These points can then be redeemed in exchange for training, paid registration fees to major HR conferences, and other awards.

While vendors definitely benefit when you provide a reference, it can also mean great things for you and your company. OneSource Virtual has a robust Customer Advocacy Program that provides many benefits to our customers including, but not limited to the items listed above.  If you would like to participate in OSV’s Customer Advocacy Program, please contact our Customer Connection Coordinator, Susan Jones at sjones@onesourcevirtual.com.