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Dec 16, 2020Company & Culture

Our Most Popular Content in 2020

Our Most Popular Content in 2020

You don’t need hindsight to know 2020 was uniquely challenging. But in spite of the changes and the uncertainty this year brought, our goals and commitments as a leading Workday service partner remained the same. And among the many ways we try to communicate those goals and commitments is with the content we publish, from blogs to case studies and white papers.

As we’ve done each December for the past few years, we want to pause before January arrives and highlight some of our most popular content. Whether it was written this year or a previous year, these were some of the pieces that attracted the most eyes in 2020.

Case Studies

Independent Bank

As a multi-billion-dollar company, Independent Bank is a community-focused financial institution offering commercial banking products and services tailored to meet the needs of businesses, professional organizations, community groups, entrepreneurs and hardworking families.

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In 2017, 2U, Inc., a cloud-based online education platform that provides universities online courses and degree programs, partnered with Workday as their HCM and Financials solution. A year later, they partnered with OneSource Virtual as their cloud-based payroll service solution to help them maintain control over their payroll processes and data, and allow them to focus on more strategic tasks.

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White Papers

A New Paradigm for Accounts Payable

While Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has changed how some companies manage their accounts payable process, there’s a better way for companies to fulfill their financial obligations to vendors—with a finance and accounting service provider. That’s the choice that more and more companies today are making, based on four compelling reasons.

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Throw HR a Life Preserver: How Workforce Administration Can Save Your Team From Drowning

In an ideal world, every HR team would be equipped with what it needs to answer any question or handle any problem.

But life doesn’t work that way.

That’s why some organizations eventually look for a life preserver in the form of a workforce administration partner.

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Hypercare Support: The Secret to a Smooth Landing

You’re more likely to remember a bumpy landing than a smooth flight, and the same is true when you’re deploying a new ERP solution. You could’ve had the smoothest deployment possible, but if the transition to everyday use is rocky, that can color your entire experience. That’s why some ERP deployment partners go the extra mile and provide additional help with hypercare.

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5 New Workday Features You Should Know About

One of the most compelling reasons to use Workday over a legacy system is that it’s always evolving. With two updates ever year, users can look forward to having the most recent version of Workday in front of them at all times.

But with each update bringing a surplus of new features and improvements, determining which ones to prioritize can be a challenge, especially for companies with limited resources. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced release management partner to guide you through each update.

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We want to thank all those who’ve read, and possibly shared, any of our content this year. We look forward to sharing more with you in 2021, and from all of us at OSV, we hope you have a happy holiday season.