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Jul 27, 2017Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO – Third Quarter 2017

Letter from our CEO – Third Quarter 2017

When we last touched base, we talked about how OneSource Virtual was working through a time of organizational introspection. We’ve been following a methodology that I introduced in my second quarter letter – Alignment, Customer Success and Execute (A.C.E.) Nothing matters more than our customers’ success. And we’ve been heads down, focused, figuring out how to continue to provide success with a high degree of precision. And how we continue to move the needle in an industry where 99 percent accuracy isn’t enough. That means we’ve spent a lot of time holding up a mirror up to our entire operation, including how every department and leader enables value delivery.

We’ve grown significantly as an organization over the last nine years. And in that time, we’ve learned a lot from our customers. Our conversations have been especially focused recently. We know that it’s not just having the right technology or processes in place. Although they enable, these aren’t the things that serve our customers. We implement them, we control them and we provide services through them, not the other way around. What it ultimately takes is the right approach and conviction.

We live in a world of cause and effect. No interaction is one-way or one-sided, but part of relationships and circumstances that lead to a material or mental result. Each day, what seem like minor events or insignificant choices affect outcomes in ways that shouldn’t be dismissed. The compounding effect of small achievements add up until it becomes a big difference. That relationship begins within the organization and extends outward as partnerships with our customers.

My promise to you is this: to continually improve the customer experience by making the right changes and bringing out the best in those around me. Our purpose is to be a part of something bigger than ourselves—your success. Regardless of the teams we lead in the building, the team we ultimately belong to is yours. Our customers hold us to high standards. We must hold ourselves to measures even higher. We will challenge ourselves to deliver, consistently, on every single one of our promises and hold ourselves accountable.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Because in a time when we are listening more, we don’t want you to hear it less. We are here because of our customers. We are here for our customers. It takes time to see results, but we look forward to continuing the journey with you.