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Jul 24, 2015Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO - Third Quarter 2015

Letter from our CEO - Third Quarter 2015

This is a very exciting time for OneSource Virtual. On June 18, we announced $150 million, non-controlling equity investment from Technology Crossover Ventures, a venture capital company that invests in innovative, market disrupting companies, such as Dollar Shave Club, Facebook, GoDaddy, Netflix and Spotify. 

The TCV investment will support a new chapter of strategic development for OneSource Virtual. We’re moving into new territories, offering exciting new services and bolstering other technology-enabled products for our customers as Workday continues to go global. 

Keeping up with Workday is like holding onto a rocket ship. This investment will ensure OSV continues to stay ahead of an ever-widening curve, keeping a steady pace with Workday’s growth and innovation, so our customers are always equipped with the latest solutions and services. Soon, we will launch our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing product, and continue advancing our unique BPaaS model through broadened technology-enabled solutions.

One of the most exciting developments involves the expansion of our services in a geographical sense. In a matter of weeks, we will open our first overseas office in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, to offer our Workday deployment, payroll and application management services abroad. 

Our goal from day one was to create a company that helped customers maximize their Workday investment and provide exceptional levels of customer satisfaction in the process. Working with TCV is a big step forward in that process. The investment will allow us to continue equipping our employees for success, to better serve our existing customer base, and to expand and develop new partnerships in North America and beyond.

As we evolve into a truly global organization, we want to continue being a positive force in the Workday ecosystem. I am pleased to make these announcements to you all, and continue to work toward our ambitious goals with the whole team focused on the path of innovation and progress