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Apr 20, 2017Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO – Second Quarter 2017

Letter from our CEO – Second Quarter 2017

A little more than three months into the year and OneSource Virtual is in the midst of exciting growth. Not the type of growth I typically speak about. Not the type of growth that involves new investments, new offerings or new offices. I’m talking about the culmination of these accomplishments. This is not success as a result of growth. This is growth as a result of success.

Where We Are…

Due to everything we’ve accomplished since the company was founded, the OneSource Virtual Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and I found ourselves at a crucial company crossroad. We needed to take time and do a bit of organizational introspection.

We identified areas of strength and realized areas that could benefit from improvement. We figured out how to apply what we do well to under-performing areas, and we identified areas that might need top-down evaluations of process. In most cases, this applied to things that worked well for the company we were two or three years ago attempting to achieve the level of success where we currently find ourselves.

We looked at where we are and looked at where we want to be. We accepted a challenge to be honest with ourselves when answering the question, “Can we do what it takes to realize change and move forward?” We kept looking at where we are. We continued to look at where we wanted to be. But we didn’t look at where we were. It serves no one to waste time looking back. The only thing that matters is what got us here: our customers.

Our success has put us in a unique position to focus all our attention on our customers. With that in mind, we are fine-tuning the things we do well, and making changes to become a hyper-focused and customer-centric service organization. This is the year of execution with total alignment throughout the organization and customer success is at the center of every decision we make.

Many people, myself included, like to use acronyms to infuse statements of intent with a bit more impact or help make it more memorable for the people with whom you share these statements. If you take our key actionable items in the order I just stated, execution, alignment and customer success spells out E.A.C. That doesn’t quite have the right ring to it. So, with a slight alteration I’ve come up with the OSV theme of 2017: A.C.E.


The entire organization is talking, thinking, developing and executing as a single entity. We rely on one another, we learn from each other and we share what we learn. We consolidate efforts to experienced teams and delegate responsibilities to our experts. This may benefit us an organization. But what’s important is that it provides our customers with a heightened service experience with an entire organization supporting their needs as a true service partner.

Customer Success

We remain focused on our customers. They are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make. Their experience, and the service we provide to enhance that experience, is at the core of every single action and thought we have as individuals and as an organization.


In everything we do, every day we do it, we are perfecting how we perform and deliver, and striving to out-perform everyone in our field, every organization in our industry.

…Where We Want To Be.

In the nine years we’ve been pioneering the innovation of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) delivery technologies, transforming the industry and developing as an organization, both in terms of our service offerings and the size, skill and strength of our team, it’s always been an exhilarating time. Still, I’ve never been as excited about where we are and where we are going as I am right now, confident that the refinements we established last year will generate rewards for all our customers throughout 2017.