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Apr 27, 2015Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO - Second Quarter 2015

Letter from our CEO - Second Quarter 2015

OneSource Virtual was founded on the belief that sometimes simplicity is the innovation, and we could create a better model for HR outsourcing. A model built in the cloud and on the most pioneering HCM platform- Workday. Our challenge, and our opportunity, was to help our customers reach their full potential by leveraging their Workday software. With each new discovery, we found that organizations were willing let go of old ways of thinking and doing to move with us toward emerging technology that was responsive to their needs. Then, we were evolving in a way that the industry struggled to define. Today, we are delighted by the ways our customers have increased their capabilities through the BPaaS services that continue to be the engine of our growth. 

In the seven years that have followed becoming a Workday partner, we have been continuously compelled to seek groundbreaking solutions, devoting ourselves to our customers by being an enabler of success. We have built robotics process automation (RPA) within our BPaaS offerings, taking the highly transactional, general-knowledge process labor off people and providing dramatic improvements in accuracy and productivity while elevating the nature of work. Now more than ever, our customers are able to focus on their core businesses and strategic initiatives, as well as fully realize the return on their Workday investment. 

Serving Employees to Serve Our Customers

In the fast moving world of Workday, there is no playbook. As they continue to grow their technology and change the HCM industry daily, customer needs and expectations grow right alongside them. We know that OneSource Virtual’s success is tied directly to the relationships we build. And as business continues to change at a rapid pace, there is one thing that always has, and always will, remain constant- our mission to deliver the best experience to our customers. We want to create a truly empowered customer by anticipating needs, by going above and beyond what is asked of us and by showing how to leverage Workday’s software to get more from a very powerful system. 

To do this, we must deliver the best experience to OneSource Virtual’s employees. Because if we care for our employees, the rest falls into place. By creating a culture that employees genuinely want to come to work in and be a part of each day, by providing employees the proper training and then placing them on teams that are welcoming and connect, by supplying the financial resources, strategy, communication and vision needed to move toward a single and unified mission, employees will thrive. And employees who thrive are wildly successful at serving customers with the unprecedented levels of service that raise the bar so high, it’s impossible for other companies to catch up to us. 

We have constantly been impatient to do better through innovation and service. Our commitment to our employees is strong, and we are always ready to make a difference for our customers. We will continue working to make sure our contributions create potential and enrich the Workday experience.


Brian Williams