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Jan 25, 2018Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO – First Quarter 2017

Letter from our CEO – First Quarter 2018

These are remarkable times in the business world. People empower technology, technology empowers innovation, the landscape changes and the cycle begins again. But one thing has held true through the years, and that is, as leaders and peers, we can't be successful alone.

We understand that our customers are operating on many fronts at once. Your success requires that we consistently perform in a way that engenders trust from your employees, a quality interaction when they need to accomplish something, and ultimately delivers on your strategic objectives. This is at the core of our commitment, and we put this into practice each day by emphasizing three primary themes - Alignment, Customer Focus, and Superior Execution. For OneSource Virtual, ACE is more than a motto, it's how we as individuals, and collectively as an organization, drive toward a positive impact for our customers.

A Busy 2017

The past year saw several key initiatives come to fruition, and we want to examine how each contributed to a productive 2017:

  • Leadership - Brian Williams moved to become OSV's executive chairman in September, and I took over the role of CEO after serving as president and COO previously. The transition has been smooth, and has enabled OSV to reexamine its short- and long-term vision while maintaining its focus on key initiatives we started earlier in the year.
  • Performance - We focused significantly in 2017 on our execution and delivery in a number of areas, working to improve timeliness, accuracy and efficiency in our operational processes. We also worked to enhance our reporting and customer data access. We made substantial progress in these areas during the year. The launch of the Payroll Tax Portal and Funding Portals, and the delivery of real-time data in a meaningful way, was a part of our ongoing focus on positively affecting our customers' success.
  • Service Structure - Application Management Services and Payroll both restructured into service pods to better serve our customers. We heard you when you said we needed better coordination and communication, and this is one of several initiatives underway to further enhance this aspect of our services. The goal of the restructure was to deliver a higher quality customer experience, and we believe the pods will move this forward significantly.
  • Customer Communications Program - Through your feedback, we are consistently learning how to be a better partner. This year OSV named a communications leader, Cay Gliebe, to head a team whose focus is to enhance customer interactions through better information exchange and a more disciplined, consolidated communications program.

Optimistic for the Future

While we made progress toward improving and streamlining operating processes, we must always strive to perform better this year than the last.

Plans are already underway to drive improvements as we move into 2018:

  • Continued development of solutions that extend the value of Workday administration services
  • Improving internal measurements that help us deliver better reporting to you, and in real time
  • Providing practical guidance and training internally that is aligned with our corporate strategy and customer commitments
  • Scrutinizing processes and structures, and assessing the ways we can become more efficient while driving toward performance
  • Providing tools and new approaches that deepen the customer relationship

We are on a continuous journey of learning and improvement. We will measure our progress against the highest standards and believe we can make the greatest impact when we maintain a deep commitment to addressing our challenges with transparency and integrity. And as always, a focus on you.