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Jan 19, 2017Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO – First Quarter 2017

Letter from our CEO – First Quarter 2017

This time last year, you may recall me saying, “If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.” In 2016, we did just that and then some. We built great things, saw tremendous growth, moved people into new roles, brought in some new blood and established an Executive Leadership Team to help expedite the flow of information and create clarity of insight throughout the company.

The customer must be at the center of everything we do as an organization. Once we realigned the company, we had an even better understanding of what customers wanted and how we could better service them. Even while we were receiving various customer service awards and industry recognitions, we knew we had challenges to address. And we knew we could do more with our people and our technology to improve our customer service experience even further.

OneSource Virtual is guided by 10 core company values. To elevate our customer experience we took steps to strike a balance between two values in particular, Value #4: Innovation is the rule and Value #10: Exceptional is always the goal. We applied innovation by continuing to equip our customer-facing employees with tools, techniques and technologies that automate routine tasks and provide valuable insight into customer processes. This allowed us to strive for exceptional customer experiences by unburdening resources to concentrate on analysis of complex customer issues, and dedicate more time to establishing and nurturing strong customer relationships.

The Workday ecosystem is an exciting community driven by technology and innovation. But despite our tech innovations, we’re not a technology company. We’re a provider exclusive to Workday delivering services to our customers. Technology is simply the catalyst to develop and deliver those services.

The customer experience should not suffer because of technology-enabled solutions; it should be enhance by it. In a way, we are simply mirroring the benefits that our customers enjoy from our in-application delivery of Workday services. We are using enhanced, tech-driven processes automation and robust reporting capabilities so we can devote time and attention to making human decisions and building human connections.

2016 was a year of building, innovating, entering new markets, introducing new services and taking a bit of introspective inventory. It was a time of planning, preparing and perfecting how we deliver the best possible service to our customers. 2017 is when we turn our innovation and accomplishments into the execution of exceptional customer experiences.