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Jan 21, 2015Company & Culture

Letter from our CEO - First Quarter 2015

Letter from our CEO - First Quarter 2015

This is an exciting time for OneSource Virtual and for our partners, employees and customers. Over the past six years, we've enjoyed tremendous growth. Our 500+ employees service more than 300 customers representing approximately 35 percent of Workday's customer base. However, if the point of building a company is to grow, you might be asking yourself what's so inspiring about this?

As pioneers of BPaaS, which holds distinct advantages over existing BPO methodologies, OneSource Virtual accomplished this growth while bridling massive amounts of momentum to ensure the establishment of a solid foundation. That meant keeping our customers at the center of everything we did and choosing quality over quantity. Facilitating the most effective development through long-term vision, instead of the fastest, has allowed us to create a base of superior customer service and a rich variety of product offerings.

Now that we've laid the groundwork, we are loosening the reigns. As has been demonstrated by the OneSource team many times, success feeds success. Achievement creates an energy like nothing else and it multiplies exponentially. What took six years to create, will now only take a few years to duplicate. Our outstanding employees are referring other quality candidates; customers are repeating business and referring other business; and increased awareness has led the market to us. OneSource Virtual is well positioned to serve a marketplace ripe for the wide variety of offerings we provide.


Each step we've taken forward has given us an increasingly active role in helping our customers to embrace and enjoy the advantages of BPaaS, as well as in maximizing our customers' knowledge of the Workday platform. This year will be no exception. We are geared up to take another big leap forward in accomplishing our mission of delivering innovative cloud services combined with world-class technologies that empower customers to maximize their potential all while delivering an unprecedented customer experience.

As we move into 2015, OneSource Virtual will continue to adapt, staying at the forefront of industry trends and customer needs. Our Deployment team will grow to better service new installs and add-ons; Workday Application Management Services will expand to meet increasing demand; and OneSource Virtual will begin an expansion into Europe. You can also look for OneSource to continue developing breakthrough services that will set customers up for success, create a better Workday experience and maximize our customers' Workday investment.

I'm grateful for an incredible team who has created this energy working together with the trust of our customers. I know I speak for the company when I say we're proud of the foundation we've built, the momentum we've created and the places we're going. Happy New Year!

Brian Williams