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Aug 30, 2017Company & Culture

Improving Real-Time Information with Portal Enhancements

Improving Real-Time Information with Portal Enhancements

A couple of blogs ago, I talked a lot about our push for continuous improvement in internal operations. Just as the right technology underpins our ability to deliver services, the right information and timing of that information availability impacts our customers’ ability to make decisions. We recognize the role we need to play in improving performance.

Toward that end, we have been working to enhance the information available to our customers in real time. A great example of this is our Payroll Tax and Funding portals.

Payroll Tax Portal

OSV’s enhanced Payroll Tax Portal provides a snapshot of the information our customers need to know about their tax filings on a regular basis. New enhancements include:

  • Reorganized sections that clearly communicate what’s happening in your account
  • You’ll know when there are actions required from you, and have an understanding of what needs to be provided in order to maintain accuracy and timeliness
  • At-a-glance daily and quarterly processing data that proactively answers your questions
  • Analysis and balancing information that needs attention so that your payroll tax filings are precise and on schedule

Funding Portal

In addition, our Funding Portal that provides information about the movement of money has undergone improvements. Comprehensive but streamlined, you’ll find it:

  • Allows for better data analysis and understanding
  • Has simplified Search and Results filtering
  • Removes information that was superfluous and unused
  • Provides new sections/information that are more relevant and better organized for at-a-glance understanding

Flashy features don’t always equate to real progress or content importance. Real-time data delivered in a meaningful way is part of our ongoing focus on positively affecting our customers’ success. The Tax and Funding portals are only the beginning. The plan is to develop a full suite of dashboards and at-a-glance reporting for all of OSV’s BPaaS services, including Payroll, Garnishments, and Benefits. Soon our customers will have access to a level of data that is unprecedented in the industry. We think it’s all part of us delivering value and being a true partner. We’ll keep working on that as long as we’re in business.

If you’re a current OneSource Virtual customer, you should have already received communications regarding the self-service portal enhancements. Stay tuned for coming additions. And if you have questions, never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.