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How to Get the Gold When Building Your Value Structure

Jan 29, 2014 Company & Culture

The 2014 Winter Olympics are just around the corner and I am excited to see how Team USA does. As I was thinking about this year’s event, I realized a few things. Watching the athletes compete as a unit for our country inspired me. Just like in business, teamwork and a value system can give you gold results. Success is contingent upon team unity and the understanding that all values are of equal importance.

During the opening ceremony, every Team USA athlete is marching together, representing our country. It does not matter if it is a team or single sport, they are there as a unit. Just like the values you implement in your company, one value does not outshine another; they are a unified centerline of truth that represents the backbone of your company. The managers and directors that you place in your company have to be aligned with the overarching goals and principles of your organization. They serve the same role as a coach or a team captain. If the leaders live and believe in the values, their behavior will trickle down to their employees.

Values do not have a rank but a shared status. It is a system, a complete unit that is more powerful together than separate. Each value works off of the others. There are times that one value may be more critical, depending on the stage of your company’s development, but that is a temporary situation. Similarly, sportsmanship and drive are essential to success in the Olympics. At various points the emphasis may change but in the end all elements are essential for achievement.

Success is contingent upon team unity and the understanding that all values are of equal importance. Effective business models and Olympic achievement contain many parallels. When your entire organization is unified and practices all of your values, be prepared for some unlimited results! I’ll be wearing my red, white and blue, are you? Go Team USA!

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