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May 09, 2013Company & Culture

Driving Culture Amenable to Change

Driving Culture Amenable to Change

"We're all in this together, once we know that we are, we're all stars…"  Those may be the lyrics to a cheesy song in a Disney movie but they are also words that executives should take to heart if they want to create a corporate environment that encourages change.  In general, the word “change” gives employees the chills, and not the chills associated with a first kiss but rather the horror movie chills of not knowing what is around the corner.  Executives have the opportunity to show employees that Freddie and Jason are not waiting for them but instead, success created through a group effort.  An organization that is adaptable is one that will position itself for success in any environment.  Cultures that embrace change are driven by the example of executives who realize that the difference between success and failure is dependent on how they lead their organization. Executives must actively participate in change if they want the entire culture to successfully embrace it.

Executives need to acknowledge that change is not to be forced upon employees but is a commitment by the entire organization.  Executives must also embrace change and thus set the tone for others. They have the power, influence and opportunity to drive their corporate culture. An organization that thrives through changes is one that has a commitment from every individual. Executives must recognize the difficulties that can revolve around change and they must participate in the transition with as much enthusiasm as every other employee.

The second component of positive change is time.  Many companies view change as a race to be won but the reality is that change needs to be a process.  In order to make informed decisions, executives must step back and evaluate the culture that currently exists and the culture they want to exist. A true commitment to change will only occur after this analysis has occurred.  At that point, a plan can be constructed and the entire organization should be educated about the decisions. If executives take the time to design a plan and educate the entire team, the enthusiasm will become contagious.  Employees will follow the cues of the executives if they believe they are part of the process and not the just pawns in the executives’ master plan.

Change does not have to be nightmare-producing. The tone set by executives will be embraced by the entire organization.  Executives have the responsibility of stepping away from the chaos and formulating a plan that will embrace all employees, themselves included. This measured approach will enable an organization to thrive and change to be a viewed as a positive aspect of the corporate culture.

OneSource Virtual employs experts who can help you cultivate a culture amenable to change. We will create the excitement your entire organization needs to work as one and become stars!