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Sep 19, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Veronica Benjamin

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Veronica Benjamin

Veronica Benjamin knew she wanted to be part of OneSource Virtual the moment she saw a humorous culture video from 2014 starring Brian Williams, OSV’s CEO from 2008 to mid-2017.

In the video, Williams glides past cubicles and through conferences rooms talking about the values that set OSV apart, while in the background, employees engage in Nerf gun battles, or some casual swordplay with cardboard swords and shields.

It’s dramatically different from OSV’s most recent culture video, but for Veronica, it did just what it was designed to do—it made her say, “That’s the company I want to work for.”

“Knowing how many times Brian Williams had to ride on that Segway,” Veronica says, “and knowing what his position was, I thought, that guy’s got a good personality, a good outlook and a good idea. That’s where I want to be.”

But when Veronica applied for a position at OSV, she was concerned about her lack of experience in human resources. For almost two decades, she worked in the healthcare industry, first for a ground ambulance company based in Colorado Springs, and then for an air ambulance company in Arizona.

And while her lack of experience in some key areas did keep her from getting the job she originally applied for, her experience designing, implementing and maintaining the billing software for her previous employers didn’t go unnoticed. Her information was passed along to an AMS manager in OSV’s Mesa office, and not long after that, she was finally part of the company she had been eager to join.

“I thought that was really good of OSV, that they recognized talent and shared that information with another department,” she says. “I think that goes along with our second value—we are a team. That’s what you want to see from people you want to work with.”

Veronica was originally hired as a senior analyst but was recently promoted to her current position as an HCM consultant.

“I also do a lot of mentoring. When someone new comes on board, I will volunteer to help them prepare for their HCM certifications, and just try answer any questions they might have as they get up and running.”

Veronica’s commitment to mentoring employees reinforces her commitment to OSV’s second value, which she sees on a consistent basis throughout all three of OSV’s offices, and with the home-based employees she works with. 

“It’s not just something written on paper. If you need help, get stuck or you’re on vacation, no one’s afraid to reach out to someone else,” she says.

But OSV’s second value isn’t the only one that stands out to her.

“This really is a fun team and a fun company,” she says, citing OSV’s seventh value.  “I truly believe that OSV’s leadership is interested in making sure people are happy and enjoy coming to work every day.”

Originally from Denver, Veronica now lives and works in Mesa. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and biking—interests she is actively trying to pass on to her son. 

“Over the summer I took him to the Grand Canyon on his first riving rafting trip,” she says. “I like being outdoors and being active, and I want my son to have that same appreciation.”