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Jun 29, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Profile: T.J. Clark

Culture in Action - OSV Profile: T.J. Clark

Before you can take advantage of Workday and its comprehensive suite of applications, you need a team of experienced partners to help you deploy it. And if you take advantage of OneSource Virtual’s deployment services, one of those experienced partners you might find yourself working with is LDP Engagement Leader T.J. Clark.

As an engagement leader, T.J. works closely with a team of project managers and other consultants to guide customers through every stage of the deployment process. He also works closely with executive counterparts on the customer’s side. If something needs to be escalated at any point during the project, T.J. will work with the OSV and customer team to drive a satisfactory resolution.

“Essentially, I’m responsible for the success of the project,” he says, clarifying what’s at stake for someone in his position.

T.J. joined OSV on March 17, 2014—St. Patrick’s Day. “Everybody celebrates my anniversary by wearing green,” he says. “Weird, but I like it.”

In the years since then, he has completed 18 deployments of various types. Most have fallen into the category of the lifecycle deployment program (LDP), but he’s also worked on post-deployments and one large enterprise deployment.

When he first came on board, though, he was new to the world of HCM implementations. When he was asked, during his initial interview, about his human resources experience, he quipped, “Well, I get my paycheck every two weeks.”

What T.J. did have, though, was years of experience in information technology and project management—experience that OSV needed.

“Being from IT, it was pretty easy to pick up Workday,” he says. “It was just a matter of learning the specific risk areas within Workday for HR implementations so I could call those out early. That was the struggle early on.”

“I learned a lot,” he adds.

Before coming to OSV, T.J. earned a degree in Management Information Systems from The University of Oklahoma. He moved to Dallas afterwards to begin his career. But after years of working with heavy hitters in the worlds of telecommunications and banking, he was ready for a change.

“I had worked for several large corporations and didn’t feel like I had much control day-to-day. The opportunity to work for a small company and grow with it was appealing,” he says.

And as he has grown with OSV, he has been consistently amazed by the strong commitment to teamwork he sees from everyone at OSV. “I know what we will do as a team to deliver,” he says. “And that’s not just my team. That’s across teams as well.”

Sometimes that dedication takes the form of coworkers using free time to help another coworker with a large project. Other times it takes the form of someone giving up their days off or their nights to help a customer go live on time.

“Everybody’s willing to jump in and do whatever it takes to deliver for the customer,” he says.

When T.J. isn’t helping customers implement Workday, he enjoys watching sports—he’s still a big fan of OU—and spending time with his wonderful wife and daughter.