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Feb 01, 2018Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile - Paige Schutze

Culture in Action: OSV Profile - Paige Schutze

The first time Paige Schutze heard of OneSource Virtual, she was behind the wheel of her car giving an OSV employee a ride to DFW Airport. "I was between jobs and driving part time for Lyft," she says. "We just starting talking, and I told him that I'd worked in HR. Then he told me where he worked."

Thirty minutes later, as she was dropping her passenger off at the airport, he not only told her that OSV was hiring, he invited her to submit her resume.

If that didn't already tell her something about the supportive culture she would find at OSV, her interview at company headquarters several weeks later definitely did.

"They cared more about my character than what was on my resume," she says, recounting one of the ways the interview was different from any she'd had before.

But her experience did still matter, of course, and it has played an active role in making her successful in what she does as an analyst for OSV's Application Management Services team.

One of OSV's biggest differentiators is our ability to provide customers with in-application service delivery. Paige is a key player in that process. As a core administrator, she evaluates when an OSV employee needs access to a customer's Workday application suite, and grants the limited access that makes in-application service delivery possible.

"It's important that we're only giving access to people who really need it," she says. In this sense, she's more than an OSV employee-she's an advocate for our customers, concerned not just with meeting their needs but with fostering trust too.

Paige's team is also responsible for routing all incoming tickets-both internal and external-to where they need to go. This is where her previous experience as a recruiter for a financial software company comes in handy; it taught her how to speak HR's language. Filtering tickets to the appropriate team "requires being able to look at a ticket and understand what's being said," she says. "Working in HR helped with that."

When she thinks about what company value resonates with her the most, she picks OSV's eighth value: Seek the best for others.

"People are stronger when they're working together," she says. "The mindset that says, 'I can do all this on my own,' is not healthy, especially in the workplace."

Seeking the best for others isn't just something Paige tries to do for customers and coworkers, though. In 2013, after graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in psychology, she traveled to the Philippines in the wake of a devastating typhoon to volunteer with a friend's disaster relief organization.

"There was a lot of destruction, and they needed help," she says.

Taking into account her passion for traveling, it's no surprise Paige fell in love with Southeast Asia and spent some time visiting the countries around the Philippines after completing her volunteer work. As a college student, she also spent a semester abroad in Istanbul.

After traveling, her other passion is cooking. "I used to save all my money during the week so I could go out to eat with friends when the weekend came. But eventually I realized I could just make the same food at home," she says.

"I think I'm getting good at it," she adds. "It's like my meditation.