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Oct 17, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Mark Dawson

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Mark Dawson

When Mark Dawson started the temp job for his previous employer, he was only supposed to be there for six weeks to help out their payroll team. When he finally left—almost seven years later—he had served in a variety of positions, the last of which saw him leading their Workday team.

“It took me quite a few years to realize what I actually wanted to do,” Mark says, “but when I found Workday, I sort of found my calling.”

But though he had found his calling, he was looking for work that was more challenging and fulfilling.

“My employer was getting to the stage where they were fairly happy with business as usual having deployed quite a few modules during the previous three years” he says.

Mark, however, knew how powerful Workday was, and he was keen to find an opportunity that would allow him to serve Workday’s customers.

That’s when he heard about OneSource Virtual.

What he found, after talking with Vice President of EMEA Bob Tricarico, was a company that would give him the opportunity to work with large companies, along with the flexibility to work remotely.

Born and raised in Wellingborough, about two hours away from London by train, Mark was concerned about taking a position that would require him to commute every day. He had already done that with his previous employer, spending a large part of each month’s salary to ride the train, and he wasn’t eager to go back to that.

But it wasn’t just the flexibility to work at home that lured Mark to OSV. He also wanted to feel challenged professionally and work with customers at all stages during the Workday lifecycle.

“OSV was looking for someone they could sort of chuck into the deep end, and that’s exactly what I was looking for,” Mark says. “My first week,” he adds, “I was arranging meetings with clients, preparing presentations and deploying new functionality.”

When Mark thinks about what OSV value resonates with him the most, he highlights our third value—“We Value Humility…No Ego Trips Allowed.”

“At the end of the day,” he says, “everything is based on what’s best for the customer.”

This mindset is not at all dissimilar from the mindset he would have needed for the medical career he originally envisioned for himself years before as a university student in Bristol.

“Everything in medicine is based on what’s best for the patient,” he says. “You have to be fairly analytical, and I think that mindset carries over to this world. I’m curious about Workday and what it can do, and I like finding the right solution for customers.”