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Jan 10, 2018Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Lynette Freeman

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – Lynette Freeman

When a recruiter first contacted Lynette Freeman about joining OneSource Virtual as a payroll tax specialist, she didn’t need a lot of convincing. She already knew OSV was an attractive company to work for based on what she’d read about it on LinkedIn and what she’d heard from friends who had worked there.

“I’d never heard anything bad about it,” she says.

But OSV’s good reputation wasn’t her only reason for coming on board in early 2017.

“If you’re going to move to a new company,” she says, “you want to join one that’s committed to growing and changing with the times.” And from her perspective, OSV fit that description.

Now in a new role as a tax transition lead, Lynette says that feeling hasn’t changed. Since joining OSV, she’s had multiple opportunities to learn, grow and advance. That’s due in part to her team’s ongoing evolution, and its commitment to innovation and to putting the customer first. But it’s also thanks to her own passion and ambition. By taking initiative and letting her managers know about her skills, she’s had opportunities she wouldn’t have otherwise had.

“If you don’t do that,” she says, “your managers don’t know what you can do.”

Originally from Belle Rose, Louisiana, Lynette brings five years of experience in payroll tax outsourcing to her work on the Payroll Tax team, along with ten plus years of experience on the payroll side. She also has experience with implementations, benefits administration and human resources. But Payroll Tax is where she feels most at home.

“I like fixing problems,” she says. “My concern is fixing whatever is wrong for the customer so that it stays right going forward.”

And with her new role just beginning, she doesn’t plan on making any changes anytime soon, in part because of her close relationship with her team.

“I can go to them for anything,” she says.

Away from the office, Lynette enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. “We’re a sports-oriented family,” she says. “Anything that involves outdoor activities or sports, we’re pretty much into it.”