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Aug 10, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile: Jeannette Thurik

Culture in Action: OSV Profile: Jeannette Thurik

Managing Consultant Jeannette Thurik has a very simple way of describing what she does at OneSource Virtual.

“My job,” she says, “is to help people.”

That simple description contains a lot, though. One minute she might be helping a customer, while another she might be mentoring a junior team member or helping a member of the sales team answer an important question.

“My role has always been varied,” she says.

Before moving into her current role with the OSV Application Management Services team, Jeannette was the second person OSV hired to implement payroll for customers. At the time—in 2010—she had 15 years of hands-on payroll experience, including experience as a payroll manager, but she was still new to Workday. “I said, ‘Give me a year and I promise you’ll be happy you took the chance,’” she says.

Since then, Jeannette has helped OSV create a payroll processing course for customers, and for the past five years, she’s been a payroll product lead for Workday. She also played a major role in helping OSV recruit team members for its Derry office—all in addition to what she does every day for her AMS team members and for OSV’s customers.

“I think we’ve been successful together,” she says.

When she thinks about her journey to where she is, she credits her managers with living out OSV’s eighth value: Seek the best for others. “They’ve sought the best for me and the best in me,” she says.

That same spirit informs her interactions with team members and customers alike. “I like to make things better for people,” she says.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minn., Jeannette and her husband currently live in Austin, Texas, and together they have two grown children and one daughter-in-law. When she’s not helping OSV seek the best for its customers, she enjoys volunteering with the Texas Speed Syndicate, which holds racing events at a private airstrip forty miles outside of Dallas.

“My husband and I run the timing,” she says. “We also have a Corvette that we race.”

In addition to what they do with the Texas Speed Syndicate, they’re also heavily involved with church ministry and rescuing and rehoming Weimaraners. “It was a breed we really didn’t know a whole lot about,” she says, “but we fell in love with them. They’re a unique, beautiful animal.”

Their plan is to become involved with a German Shepherd rescue group next.

“We don’t do anything halfway in our family,” she says. “We go all in.”