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Nov 14, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – David Kennedy

Culture in Action: OSV Profile – David Kennedy

It’s not uncommon for new employees to come to OneSource Virtual with prior experience using or deploying Workday. The insights or experiences they bring with them not only help OSV improve its service to customers, they also give those same employees a point of comparison, showing them how OSV’s approach to service differs from other service partners.

This was, in part, David Kennedy’s experience when he joined OSV as a senior consultant for our Professional Services team in London. David joined OSV with over a decade of experience in IT operations, with nine of those years spent at a retail company, and the rest at a large, London-based pharmaceutical company. At both organizations, he gained valuable experience with Workday—experience that informed his decision to join OSV and continues to inform his approach to helping customers.

“What I wanted to see more of [from other service providers] was honesty,” he says, reflecting on the projects he led while on the customer’s side.

It was based on that desire that he was drawn to an organization as committed to honesty and transparency as OSV is.

“We are very honest when we meet prospects,” he says.

And while there is such a thing as too much transparency, being honest with customers and prospects about challenges has only helped OSV stand out in the Workday ecosystem.

“It builds trust,” David says.

He contrasts this approach with a completely different one he’s witnessed—one that’s concerned with getting in and out as fast as possible, with no thought to the future.

“There isn’t any long term thinking there,” he says of that approach. But as someone whose role is deeply concerned with building relationships, he sees enormous value in OSV’s way of interacting with customers.

“When I’m working with customers, I try to think long term rather than be someone who just comes in and then leaves.”

OSV’s commitment to transparency isn’t the only value that resonates with him, though. He also singles out OSV’s second and third values—we are a team, and we value humility. He highlights those not only because of the kind of culture they create, but because they’ve been vital to OSV’s growth in Europe.

“We’re still growing,” he says. And without a commitment to working together as a team, he adds, “we just wouldn’t be able to do it.” There is still plenty of room for OSV to grow outside the U.S., but when you combine ambition with the right values and the right approach to customer service, you can make enormous progress in a short amount of time, as OSV has.

“OSV was very attractive to me in terms of where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do,” David says. “It’s been exciting to be part of that growth.”