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Mar 07, 2018Company & Culture

Culture in Action: OSV Profile - Chris Despres

Culture in Action: OSV Profile - Chris Despres

When Chris Despres first interviewed for a position with OneSource Virtual's Mesa office, he wasn't sure what would happen next.

For the past five years he had been a senior assistant manager for a movie theater, first in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then in Mesa, Arizona. This had given him firsthand experience managing the payroll of employees and making sure each one complied with the theater chain's HR policies. But after finishing his phone interview with OSV, he was nervous.

"I felt like I had a good background in payroll and HR," he says, "but once I had that interview, I realized OSV's definition of experience might be different from mine."

But not long after, Chris had a second interview, followed by an official start date-December 28, 2015.

In the years since then, as he's has moved from his original position as a payroll administrator to a payroll specialist, and then to his current position as a managed payroll specialist, Chris has learned that OSV cares about more than just what's on your resume when looking for new team members.

"They hired me based on my character," he says. "When I went into my second interview, my goal was to prove that I might not know everything now, but give me two months and I'll get to the place where you need me to be."

Chris credits his quick rise within his team to this work ethic, which has been shaped by the lessons he's learned from the world of sports.

"Sports teach focus and how to develop a skillset," he says. "If you can master these, the sky's the limit."

But he also gives a lot of credit to OSV's collaborative, supportive culture.

"The team made me feel like I belonged immediately," he says. "It can be very stressful coming into a new role, but it was seamless here because of the people."

Thinking about which of OSV's 10 values resonate with him the most, he quickly identifies value number one: unquestioned integrity.

"It's critical in a work setting. When one person on a team doesn't work with integrity, it can affect the whole team," he says. "I'm proud to work for a company that shares this belief."

After hours, Chris enjoys cooking and traveling. He also enjoys baseball, and by this summer, he will have visited 28 of Major League Baseball's 30 stadiums.

"It's just a fun goal for me," he says. "I like traveling and seeing new places. It puts a lot of things in perspective."