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Jan 18, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: OSV Golden Girls

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: OSV Golden Girls

OneSource Virtual's Payroll Services team is large and diverse. Within it, you'll find experienced team members of all different backgrounds. But as unique as everyone within our Payroll Services team is, there's also an enormous sense of unity.

To find an example of this, one only needs to spend a little time with four of Payroll's most well-known members, a quartet casually known around the corporate headquarters as the Golden Girls: Payroll Administrator AnnMarie Rousseau, Payroll Settlement Specialist Wendy Baker and Payroll Processors Laura Vela and Sharon Staley.

Born in England and raised in Canada, Wendy spent most of her career in the retail industry. Then, in 2012, she heard about OneSource Virtual from someone close to her who was already an OSV team member—her sister. "She told me what a great place this was to work," she says. While starting over in a new field presented some challenges, those challenges—learning Workday in particular—are also a large part of what has made working for OSV such a rewarding experience.

Laura also came to OneSource Virtual through someone who was already in the company. "I had just moved back to Dallas after living in Austin," she recalls. That's when a close friend told her about an opening at OSV. As someone with years of accounting experience, a career focused on payroll processing was new to her. But, after her interview in late 2013, she says, "I just fell in love with it and thought, this is the place to be."

For Sharon and AnnMarie, who joined in 2013 and 2014 respectively, Workday was new, but not the work of processing payroll. Sharon had been with her previous employer for 14 years when she saw that OSV was looking for someone with her expertise in Canadian payroll. Tired of a long commute each day, she decided to pounce on the opportunity.

AnnMarie, meanwhile, has 30 years of payroll experience under her belt. Originally from Long Island, she spent some time in the forestry before turning to the work of processing payroll. And like her friends, the experience has been rewarding. “You don’t get up and say, ‘Oh, today’s a work day.’ It’s more like, ‘OK, let’s go. What are we doing today?’” she says.


(left to right) Payroll Settlement Specialist Sharon Staley, Payroll Administrator AnnMarie Rousseau,
Payroll Settlement Specialist Wendy Baker and Payroll Settlement Specialist Laura Vela

When asked what company values resonate with them the most, they mention two in particular. Wendy cites OSV's third value—we value humility. "Everyone, especially in our department, is equal," she says. "No one has a big ego."

Going hand-in-hand with this is OSV's second value—we are a team. "I don't know what we'd do without each other," Laura says, referring not just to the women in the room with her but the entire Payroll team. "We all work together and like each other, which is hard to do with this many people. But we really do."

“I haven’t worked anywhere where we have the kind of relationship that we have here,” Sharon adds. This shared sensibility is part of what makes them our Golden Girls. The nickname came from another member of the Payroll team, Managed Payroll Specialist Cynthia Flowers. "She told me one day, 'You know, I call you the Golden Girls,'" Laura recalls. "We took it as a compliment."

"The four of us have been through so much together," AnnMarie says. "We rely heavily on each other, too." This kind of close bond is helpful any day, but especially when things get difficult.

“Everyone has cloudy days,” Wendy says. “But just because I’m having a cloudy day, that doesn’t mean that she is, or she is, or she is,” she adds, pointing to each of her three friends. “There’s always someone who will say, ‘How can I help you?’”

“We’re family,” AnnMarie adds. “Big time.”