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Mar 30, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Nick Ehst

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Nick Ehst

Excellence is derived in part from mastering a few skills rather than trying to master a multitude of them. And for some people, working in an environment that encourages that kind of specialization can be very meaningful.

Take, for example, Nick Ehst, a services lead within OneSource Virtual’s Benefits Administration team in Mesa, Arizona. As a services lead, he provides immediate help to customers, and, when necessary, connects them with the right person to talk to in other departments, such as OSV’s Application Management Services team or the Integrations team.

Nick came to OSV in July 2015, after nearly a decade with a global organization providing HR services to a major U.S. airline.

“I felt that I was stagnating a bit at my previous job,” he says. This stagnation was due in part to how long he’d been with his previous employer. But the length of time that he’d been there wasn’t his only reason.

“We essentially handled all the needs of that client from top to bottom with one group of folks,” he says.

“Instead of learning a few tasks very well and using them to serve a number of clients, like we do at OSV, you learned everything under the sun about one client.”

For Nick, who enjoyed the benefits administration aspect of his job much more than other aspects, this was a downside. “I find benefits administration to be a richer experience,” he says. “Just crunching numbers doesn’t excite me very much.”

When he learned about OneSource Virtual from a former coworker who had moved over to OSV, he pursued a position within the company.

Since joining OSV, he has finally been given the opportunity to specialize in one area he’s passionate about. But beyond that, he’s been introduced to a culture that feels fun and supportive. In particular, he highlights OSV’s commitment to teamwork.

“There’s no such thing as a lone wolf here,” he says. “Teamwork is very much ingrained into our culture.”

When he compares OSV to where he came from, he says there was no real sense of culture or purpose there. “It was great to work for such a globally recognized company,” he says, “but you never felt that the company itself was really taking you in any direction.”

That’s not how he feels now. “OneSource Virtual gives me an opportunity to grow with the company,” he says.

While Nick is passionate about helping customers with their benefits needs, it’s not exactly what he prepared for when he was a student. “My educational background is a little scattered and bizarre,” he says. He previously studied computer programming and filmmaking. And while these skills don’t factor into his current role, the technical and creative aspects of both have taught him a lot about leadership, communicating with others and solving problems creatively.

Nick is married and has one son. When he isn’t working, he enjoys doing stand-up comedy. He also describes himself as a manic music collector, and he remains passionate about movies. “I’m always trying to find new, weird movies to watch,” he says.