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Jul 19, 2016Company & Culture

Culture in Action – OSV Employee Profile: Nathan Rahmeier

Culture in Action –  OSV Employee Profile: Nathan Rahmeier

As OneSource Virtual’s senior director of Operational Transformation, Nathan Rahmeier is dedicated to helping customers get the most value out of their Workday investment. While this certainly involves some considerations about technology, it’s about more than that.

“It’s thinking about the people, the process and the technology, and trying to help overall HR or Finance operations,” Nathan says. His goal, he adds, is to put transformation, which may be scary to some, into a digestible form that can help a company no matter where they currently are.

Nathan’s no stranger to the world of consulting. Before coming to OneSource Virtual in 2014, he worked as both a consultant and a director of HR operations. “I liked the consulting,” Nathan says of his previous work, “but grew tired of being on the road all the time and away from my family.”

Working as a director of HR operations had its drawbacks as well, but his experience with both perfectly prepared him for his future with OSV.

As a director of HR operations with his previous company, he was on the team that pitched Workday internally to the CEO, built the business case for it and began the implementation process.

“I came across Workday a lot in my past roles,” he says.

Similarly, as a consultant, Workday was one of the many technologies that might be recommended to help a customer with their broader HR strategy and operations.

But where other companies may have proposed recommendations that weren’t always achievable or realistic, Nathan recognizes OneSource Virtual’s unique commitment to understanding exactly what customers need.

“It’s more relevant here,” Nathan says. “Let’s help the customer where they really need it.”

Nathan’s educational background has also played a significant role in his career. As someone interested in the people-side of business, business is what he chose to study at the University of Kansas. But after graduating, he still wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do.

“On some pretty big projects I’ve seen at OSV, the project manager has made a significant impact, but I’ve never heard him or her take the credit for themselves. It’s been a team effort.”

“I was in Japan, and I thought, I’m either going to come back to Japan and teach English, or go to law school,” he says. “I already missed the deadline for teaching English, so I went to law school.”

When he reflects on all the ways law school prepared him for what he does now, he credits it for sharpening his critical thinking skills, as well as his problem-solving capabilities.

Through his time as a law school student, Nathan was able to complete an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers. “I always liked the idea of consulting and helping companies,” Nathan says, “but I didn’t really know where to start.”

His internship at PwC not only paved the way for an eventual job there, it showed him what his career might look like.

Of OSV’s 10 cultural values, it’s the third value—no ego trips allowed—that speaks to him the most.

“I’ve seen companies that talk about values but then don’t really live them out,” Nathan says. OSV is different. “On some pretty big projects I’ve seen at OSV, the project manager has made a significant impact, but I’ve never heard him or her take the credit for themselves. It’s been a team effort.”

Nathan also singles out OSV’s C-suite for embracing this value by example. “They don’t talk too much about ‘I,’” he says, “it’s more about ‘we.’”

Nathan moved from Chicago three years ago, but is originally from Kansas. He currently lives in Lewisville, TX with his wife and two children. He’s an avid University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan and the Kansas City Royals are his other team. His favorite hobby is being a dedicated runner.

“It is difficult to run outside year round in Texas because of the heat, but I like being outside versus a treadmill,” he says. “I run races occasionally, but otherwise I just try to make a habit of it.”