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Feb 25, 2016Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Lethora Hill

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Lethora Hill

Before taking on the role of OneSource Virtual office coordinator in Mesa last year, Phoenix native Lethora Hill spent several years working in customer service at different companies. For much of that time, customer service was a job, not a career.

“I felt it was time to spread my wings,” Lethora says. “It was time to find an opportunity where there was a chance for me to grow with a company that was dynamic and matched my desire to come into my own potential.”

In that regard, Lethora is exactly the type of employee OSV needs and nurtures. She enjoys being challenged and is driven to be the best at what she does. But could OSV match her enthusiasm and determination?

“From the initial interview, right through the hiring process, the values and culture just felt like a good fit for me,” Lethora says. “I now know just what that gut feeling was that drew me to the company.”

After becoming acquainted with the company’s core values, Lethora knew she made the right choice.

“I wanted to be a part of a team that embraced culture, values, fun and hard work.”

The comradery and collaborative nature of teamwork is exactly what Lethora continues to enjoy.

“Here at OSV, I feel like I am part of a team,” she says, “a vibrant organization that is growing and securing a future where I am valued along with my teammates.”

Every OSV employee has at least one or two company values they identify with. Lethora favors OSV Value #2: We are a Team.

“A successful company is one where everyone works toward a common goal and each member of the team is valued for what they do,” she explains. “No one individual is more important than another.”

But Lethora doesn’t simply identify with Value #2. She does her utmost to embody it.

“In my position, I am fortunate enough to interact with nearly every department. I ensure they know that I am there to help in any way possible and that we are all working for the same goal of superior customer service,” Lethora says. “Without our customers, there is no purpose or reason to what we do. When everyone sees each other as their teammates, working toward this same end, a better spirit of cooperation exists and the quality of everyone’s job satisfaction is elevated.”

"A successful company is one where everyone works toward a common goal and each member of the team is valued for what they do,” Lethora explains. “No one individual is more important than another"

When engaging new employees, Lethora goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable by employing a fail-safe method of breaking the ice, settling anxious nerves and raising blood sugar levels.

“Recently, a new team joined OSV, so I drove to their office and brought them some sweets. Nothing like some sugar to sweeten folks up and allay fears. Moreover, I wanted to be there to encourage them, let them know I would be there to assist them during their transition, and to answer any questions or help with tasks, like ordering office supplies and the like.”

Lethora can’t help but notice she’s not the lone OSV employee seeking the best for others.

“One particularly memorable time was when our HR generalist stepped up to assist with the Mesa blood drive,” Lethora recalls. “She wasn’t part of our volunteer committee but took the initiative to make it a success. She even brought her own parents to donate blood.”

It would appear that every time Lethora blinks, she comes across another OSV employee personifying one of the company’s values, often to the point of inspiration.

“AMS Manager Melissa Karn is consistently asking what she can do to help others,” Lethora explains. “She does so in a genuine, authentic way that shows she really does care, and simply wants to help another team member to be successful, whether they are in her department or not. Her team spirit inspires me.”

When Lethora’s not busy coordinating, collaborating and generally being a magnificent employee at the Mesa office, Lethora sometimes find time to write poetry.

“I aspire to publish a 365-day devotional book in the next three years,” she explains. “I enjoy spending time reading historical books and putting together puzzles. I just finished my first 2,000 piece recently.”

In the meantime, Lethora continues to spread her wings, exploring the natural beauty of her native Arizona. “I like the outdoors and have recently found an affinity for hiking,” she explains. “There’s no better place to do that than right here in the valley of the sun.”