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Jul 01, 2016Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Cynthia Flowers

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Cynthia Flowers

A self-described “Jersey Girl,” OneSource Virtual Managed Payroll Specialist Cynthia Flowers was born and raised in the Garden State. A few years ago, her husband’s job required that their family relocate to Texas. Since being in Texas, their oldest son graduated high school this year and their twin boys will be high school sophomores in the fall.

Cynthia, never having been to the area before, experienced a bit of culture shock as her family settled in the Lone Star State.

“It was very interesting to go to the bank and see cows and donkeys grazing,” Cynthia says. “I’d seen them before, but when I saw them up close I asked my husband, ‘Can I get a donkey?’”

While attending N.C. Wesleyan College, Cynthia would came home for the summers and Christmas break and work at a Macy’s in a local mall.

“I always worked as a floater going from department to department from gift wrap to the vault and even the manager’s office,” Cynthia says. “I worked full time while I finished earning my B.S. in Business Administration at Montclair State since I only needed three classes to finish.”

It was during this time Cynthia was inducted into the world of payroll, however inadvertently.

“One of the ladies in the payroll department went out on maternity leave,” Cynthia says, “and I was asked to help out while she was gone. When she decided not to return, they offered me the job.”

“I worked at Macy’s for about a total of 10 years and then went on to work for some great companies like Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Macy’s Herald Square as a Compensation Manager. In addition, I earned my Real Estate License while working at Weichert Realtors.”

Cynthia also earned a certification for the AutoCAD design and drafting software and worked as a Space Planner for Party City.

While working as a payroll administrator, Cynthia always tried to stay on top of new technologies in her field.

“Throughout my career I’ve always looked for opportunities to work with new payroll software,” Cynthia says, “I’ve been doing payroll for a very long time and had never worked with Workday. I had used PeopleSoft in the past, so I was really curious. If the people who created PeopleSoft created Workday, what are going to be the differences between the two? And they’re huge.”

“Workday is very different than any other payroll application I’ve used before. That really piqued my interest to learn more.”

Cynthia cites transparency as her favorite of the OSV Cultural Values because it resonates with her on a personal level.

“I’m a very transparent person. If I’m happy, you know. If I’m sad, you know. If I like something, you’ll know,” Cynthia says. “I want people to know what they’re getting. If there’s something wrong, I let the customer know and do whatever I can to fix it. I don’t think it’s right or necessary to sit back and wait for someone else to figure out that something’s wrong.”

“Also, I like to know what I’m getting,” Cynthia says of the flip-side of transparency. “I think that’s really important. If I’m walking into a disaster, let me know so I can prepare myself and eat my Wheaties in the morning so I’m up for the challenge.”

Cynthia’s embodiment of transparency also resulted in a bolstered bond with one of her customers. When an issue arose, Cynthia took hold of the situation in a manner before it could spiral into a full-on catastrophe.

“I really think the individual I was working with actually gained more respect for me on a personal and professional level,” Cynthia says. “In an environment like this, the customer is really putting themselves in your hands and expecting you to deliver.”

“There has to be a high level of comfort and security. They need to know that we know what we’re doing, and we’re going to do the best that we can to provide the best service.”

Her introduction to the world of payroll was accidental.

Born in Newark, N.J., Cynthia is the sixth of eight children. Her family moved to Montclair, N.J. shortly after she was born. Cynthia and her siblings all attended Montclair High School, so there’s been a Flower child attending from 1973 into the 2000s.

While she was at Montclair, Cynthia attended the School of Performing Arts and studied jazz and modern dance as a member of the school’s dance company. She never lost her love of dance and is currently pursuing classes to learn tap and ballroom dancing.

“Some people will go to bed at night and turn music on,” Cynthia says. “I can’t listen to music when I’m trying to sleep because in my head, I’m dancing.”