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Apr 25, 2016Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Clare Morrow

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Clare Morrow

When she was younger, Clare Morrow never imagined her future might lie in the payroll field, or that she might one day become a senior payroll analyst for OneSource Virtual.

“I don’t think anyone leaves school and thinks, I really want to work in payroll,” she says from OSV’s office in Derry, Northern Ireland. In her words, she simply fell into it.

Nevertheless, since completing her studies, Clare has distinguished herself as an expert in her field. She began her career as a trainee for Equiniti in Belfast and quickly moved up the ladder to become a payroll consultant, designing payroll solutions for customers and equipping them to put those solutions into action.

Last year, Clare moved to OneSource Virtual. As coincidence would have it, she’s now working on a customer account that once belonged to her previous employer. “I’m getting to see their approach to Workday from a new perspective.” Clare says.

Clare’s role at OneSource Virtual today has much in common with what she’s done up to this point. “I work with the customer to prepare them, making sure they’re comfortable with the processes that they’ll have to go through,” she says. “Not just to help us build the payroll data in the correct format, but to assess what exactly their payroll needs are and making sure it’s entered correctly into their system.”

Clare’s background has made her a valuable addition to OSV. As a customer-facing consultant who understands the payroll process and knows how to interpret and communicate its legislative intricacies, she is a liaison between OSV’s payroll consultants and the U.K Payroll operation side of the house.

And as Clare sees it, OSV is bringing value of its own to the U.K. market. “[Workday] really does bring HR and payroll and pensions all into one package,” she says. “[Other companies] I’ve worked with in the past, they’ve maybe told you they all work together, but you have to do a wee bit of tweaking to get it to work as seamlessly as they believe that it does.”

In an age when customers can access real-time information, this can be incredibly helpful. “I think more and more you’re starting to see the need for that sort of all-in-one package, certainly from a customer’s point of view,” she says.

To elaborate on the value OSV brings with it, Clare says a company may only run payroll once a month, whereas she may do the same thing for multiple customers three or four times a month. This gives OneSource Virtual’s payroll experts a level of expertise that’s reassuring for customers.

“With [Business Process as a Service], the customer knows they’re running the product, but there’s still a team here in Derry or America who will be able to help them out if they’re having issues with it,” Clare says.

But this isn’t all that has endeared Clare to OneSource Virtual. The opening of the Derry office has brought jobs that were primarily located in Belfast closer to home, significantly cutting her commute. Joining OSV has also introduced her to a great team that has similarly embraced OneSource Virtual’s seventh core value—We have fun!

“We’ve certainly had a lot of fun here in the Derry office. I was part of that first group that joined in September last year, and we literally walked into a building that you could still smell the paint drying on the walls.”

Whether they were naming rooms or completing certifications together, the experience has been among the most rewarding of her career.

Clare also has a rich social life outside of OSV. When she’s not at the office, she’s the secretary of the local football club in the small, picturesque town of Kilrea, where she lives. As secretary for close to eight years, she coordinates everything from fundraising events to player registrations and the games themselves. She also enjoys boxercise, a sport that combines boxing, aerobics and dance together in one fitness training regimen. “You should try it,” she says. “It’s good fun.”