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Feb 21, 2017Company & Culture

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Caitlyn Key

Culture in Action - OSV Employee Profile: Caitlyn Key

“I liked business, even in high school, but I knew I didn't want to be on the numbers side,” she says. “I wanted to be on the people side, working to fix problems.” She first heard about OSV during a career fair at Texas Tech University, where she was completing her degree in business management. During the event, she spoke with other recruiters about their companies. Though many had impressive things to say about their business practices, they couldn't adequately answer one very important question for her: What's life like at your company?

She immediately saw something different with OneSource Virtual. Specifically, she saw how the company’s core values emphasizing teamwork, innovation and fun affected everyone she came into contact with.

“During my interviews, everyone was super friendly and casual,” she says. “And now that I’ve been here a while, I can see that everyone gets along. It’s a fun environment to be in.”

Caitlyn joined OneSource Virtual after graduation in June 2014. In the role of Analyst II, she not only gets to put her passion for helping others into everyday practice by resolving tickets for AMS customers, she also sees how the company's core values create the kind of corporate culture she was looking for years ago at that career fair on Texas Tech's Lubbock campus.

“We've always been collaborative,” she says of the AMS team. And with the introduction of a new pod structure, which gives each customer a dedicated team of Workday experts to consult with, this is truer than ever.

“You have an entire team looking at [each customer's tickets],” she says, “so everyone's constantly communicating.”

But a restructured department isn't the only reason for the close collaboration between Caitlyn and her team members. A lot of credit also goes to the Hoopla team.

“The Hoopla team got started about two years ago,” she says. “When I first started, one of the managers would always get a cake for the birthdays and anniversaries.” But in time, other AMS team members, including Caitlyn, expressed an interest in taking over this role. And so the Hoopla team was born.

“Every month, we have some kind of treat for all the birthdays and anniversaries. We also started what's called the Rubber Ducky Award, which we do every quarter. It's our recognition program within the department,” she says.

Recipients of the prestigious Rubber Ducky Award are chosen by their peers, with an emphasis on how the winner embraces, embodies and echoes OSV’s core values. “People look forward to it. We always have tons of food and candy,” she adds.

The Hoopla team highlights how OSV’s values are an essential part of the company, how they inform its culture and often intertwine. By looking for ways to have fun together—see: OSV Value #7, “We have Fun!”—Caitlyn and the Hoopla team simultaneously create opportunities for their department to collaborate and come together as colleagues and friends; see OSV Value #2, “We are a Team.”

When Caitlyn isn't helping customers or brainstorming ways for the AMS team to bond, she enjoys traveling.

“Last year, I went on at least 10 different trips,” she says, highlighting weekend trips to Seattle and San Francisco. “I almost had one a month.”

Traveling is something Caitlyn’s used to. She was born in Lubbock, Texas, and spent some time in Midland, but she’s also lived in Miami and Las Vegas. She finished middle school, high school and part of college in Las Vegas, and remembers the culture shock she experienced moving back to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech.

“I went from my usual 2 a.m. sushi to basically no sushi,” she says.

But she adjusted to Texas in no time. “My parents were born and raised in West Texas, so all my grandparents and aunts and uncles are out there,” she says. “West Texas still kind of feels like home.”