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Jun 15, 2018Company & Culture

Company Culture: Values Award Process

Company Culture: Values Award Process

When OneSource Virtual was first formed in 2008, the founders created a list of 10 core values to define what the culture of their new venture would look like. A decade later, those values still play a central role in our organization. They guide us internally, but they’re also the motivating factor behind our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do.

Our Ten Values

  1. Unquestioned Integrity
  2. We Are a Team
  3. We Value Humility...No Ego Trips Allowed!
  4. Innovation is the Rule
  5. You Are Empowered to Fix What's Broken
  6. Everyone is Accountable to Our Values
  7. We Have Fun!
  8. Seek the Best for Others
  9. Transparency
  10. Exceptional is Always the Goal

Because our 10 corporate values are so central to everyday life at OSV, it makes sense that our leaders would look for some way to identify and recognize employees who have gone the extra mile in living out those values. That’s why the OSV Values Award was created.

Each quarter, our employees nominate the colleagues they feel are truly living out OSV’s values by citing a time the nominee represented a specific value internally or externally. These nominations are submitted to a panel composed of leaders for final selection. Home-based winners, or winners from our Mesa, Derry or London offices, are flown to our Dallas headquarters for a reception hosted in their honor and an intimate dinner with OSV leadership.

“It warms my heart to celebrate our OSV Values Award winners,” says Kelli Brahler, manager of culture and employee engagement. She plays a huge role in making sure each winner feels appreciated. “It’s the best feeling in the world to be surrounded by individuals who truly live our values. OSV has amazing people.”

OSV Values Winners

Payroll Support Specialist Lorraine Montie, one of our home-based employees, had the opportunity to fly from Canada to Dallas when she became a Values Award winner.

“Being recognized by one’s peers is amazing,” she says. “The way in which management supports this peer recognition is above and beyond. I was deeply touched by the ELT’s level of personal involvement with the winners. You quickly realize that, for OneSource Virtual, our values aren’t just catchphrases. They’re really a part of life at OSV.”