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Jun 16, 2021Company & Culture

Can a Service Partner Make Returning to the Office More Doable?

Can a Service Partner Make Returning to the Office More Doable?

With about 52% of the U.S. population having received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, many companies are making plans to bring employees back to the office in some capacity later this year. 

But since returning to the office isn’t as easy as just throwing open the doors and inviting everyone back, companies will have to approach returning to the office with the same flexibility, innovation, and creativity that 2020 required. 

What Can You Do with What You Have? 

In countless instances throughout 2020, flexibility, innovation, and creativity—both personally and professionally—were often inspired by a simple question: What can I do with what I have? 

From figuring out what to make for dinner when the grocery store didn’t have everything you needed to staying connected virtually, working out in your garage, or using an ironing board as a standing desk, making the most of what’s already available to you was an effective strategy for 2020. 

For OneSource Virtual, the Workday Resource Center was born out of that simple question. As a Workday-exclusive service partner, OSV has a deep well of Workday expertise, which could be leveraged to help customers use Workday’s existing functionality to meet the challenges of the moment. 

Since launching in April 2020, OSV has used the Workday Resource Center to cover a range of topics that includes employee engagementperformance managementabsence management, and workforce planning. 

Now, with companies preparing to go back to the office in some capacity this year, a new section on returning to work has been added with a variety of solutions designed to help companies make that transition more doable. 

And that’s no small thing when you consider the complexities around that topic. 

Leverage the Solutions Already at Your Fingertips 

According to the Boston Consulting Group, only 31% of employees had any expectations of working remotely prior to the coronavirus pandemic. That number rose to 51% in 2020. Now, when asked how they would prefer to work going forward, 90% of employees say they want the freedom to work remotely at least part of the time. And according to another survey, nearly 50% of employees say they would be willing to look for a new job if their current one doesn’t end up offering that flexibility.   

These numbers alone illustrate how challenging it might be for some companies to make a plan that satisfies everyone. They’re further complicated by two other factors: the existence of more contagious coronavirus strains, and the fact that not everyone is planning to get vaccinated.   

For companies that can leverage Workday and the expertise of a service partner, asking, “What can I do with what I have?” may reveal solutions that are already at your fingertips and capable of making your journey back to the office more doable—no matter what that looks like for your company. 

Read our white paper to learn more about how OneSource Virtual can help you leverage Workday’s existing functionality to meet today’s challenges.