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Sep 28, 2017Company & Culture

Building Partnerships Through Communication

Building Partnerships Through Communication

The best way for our organization to be successful is to make sure that our customers are successful. Business as usual requires an unusual level of commitment from us as a partner. It’s more than operational execution. Making the day-to-day run smoothly requires focus on process, information delivery and exceptional service to underpin it. There must be a dedication to continuous improvement and a willingness to listen closely to feedback.

Exceeding Customer Expectation with New Communications Programs

I’ve blogged about our responsibility for improving performance and provided some examples of this as we’ve worked through the first half of 2017, including most recently the introduction of our Payroll Tax and Funding portals. In order to do our job well, we have to execute and communicate. But I don’t think we’ve been as effective at communication as we should be. We strive not to just meet expectations, but to exceed them. One of the ways we fulfill our commitment to that goal is to nurture and build teams that get the job done.

To that end, we’re addressing communication by naming a leader who can drive positive change and enhanced focus on how we interact with our customers. I’m thrilled to introduce Cay Gliebe, our new vice president, communications here at OSV.

Cay is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years in HR, sales, marketing and leadership roles with organizations that span corporate America, the provider community and the military. Here’s what our customers can expect from her in the very near future:

  • Interaction around the day-to-day operational aspects customers care about, including improvement in timeliness and quality of response
  • Collaboration through communication delivery, so that we are talking with our customers who can then see what’s coming, instead of just getting an email and trying to consume it.
  • Attention to the consistency of communications, so that the information is timely and sustainable across the organization
  • Examination of the tools and platforms we use to communicate, and how to deliver a more tailored experience for our customers

Better Communication Through Partnership

These efforts will help deliver a more disciplined, consolidated communications program that reaches our customers in a targeted manner. As we move toward a better communication approach, I want to encourage communication with us, too. We want to hear what’s most helpful and relevant to our customers. We need to know if there are changes that affect communication or customer service. It’s important that customers confirm data accuracy so that reference points are consistently accurate. We want to know what questions we can answer, too.

Doing More, and Continually Learning How to Do It Better

Improving customer experience and building deeper relationships remain top priorities. I am confident that Cay will help our partnership with customers grow, both by defining and executing our business plans, and communicating them effectively. We are proud to lead a knowledgeable and skilled team which delivers its best every day to serve our customers. We will continue to drive toward meaningful, value-added communication and demonstrate that the Align, Customer Success and Execute (A.C.E.) initiative is top of mind, and centered on our customers.

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