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Dec 13, 2016Company & Culture

A Culture Defined by Values

A Culture Defined by Values

You don't have to be a part of OneSource Virtual for long to realize how different our company culture is from that of other organizations. In fact, when you ask many of our team members why they decided to join OSV, the unique culture is often one of the first reasons you'll hear.

“The culture was the main thing that drew me in,” says OSV HR Services Analyst Eddie Vargas. The same is true of Ashley Farris, HR generalist for OneSource Virtual's corporate headquarters in Dallas. She recalls first hearing about OSV from a coworker, who told her, “You gotta come work here. This place is awesome.”

But that kind of culture—the kind you hear employees rave about—doesn't just happen by accident. It's carefully cultivated through a combination of different factors, from the benefits a company offers to the importance placed on hiring individuals with proven expertise in their field, a willingness to grow professionally and a dedicated work ethic. In the case of OneSource Virtual, it also comes from the corporate values that have been in place since the company's founding in 2008.

OSV Values

When you visit OSV's offices, you don't have to look far to find these values being touted and exemplified. They're regularly cited as the guidelines that influence our professional behavior and inform our decisions, with the expectation that everyone—from the top down—will operate by them.

“I really do think our values are a foundation of who we are as a company,” says Eddie Vargas.

The one that speaks most powerfully, and personally, to him is value number five—you are empowered to fix what’s broken.

“Our culture lets you use your own skills to bring your ideas to the table. I think that really drives how innovative we are as a company.”

When he first joined OSV, Eddie held a role in a different department, working with customers to understand their needs and help them receive vital help managing and maintaining their Workday system. But his true passion was human resources.

When a position in his area of interest opened up, his move to HR was supported both within HR and within the department he was part of at the time. What's more, he found that his initial role would allow him to offer constructive suggestions for how OSV might use Workday better internally with its own employees.

“Our culture lets you use your own skills to bring your ideas to the table,” Eddie says. “I think that really drives how innovative we are as a company.”

Ashley says that Eddie's story bears out OSV's commitment to creating an environment where team members are equipped to succeed and flourish by having the opportunity to “pursue your true passion, regardless of where that might be.”

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