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Jul 17, 2014Company & Culture

4 Things You Must Know to Attract and Keep Talented Employees

4 Things You Must Know to Attract and Keep Talented Employees

One of the top trends in human resources today is attraction.

One of the most difficult aspects of human resources is retention.

A top desire of employees is to find a great company where they can stay.

These three ideas don't have to be parallel lines on a blog. They can absolutely intersect. So how do you make that happen?

Keep Talented Employees

Stop Recruiting and Start Attracting

Recruiting takes a lot of time and money. Attracting doesn't. What's the difference? Recruitment involves tons of advertising and convincing candidates they want to work for your company. Attraction is creating a dynamic company culture, rooted in values, that speaks for itself and causes talent to flow in your direction.

Put Employees First

Seems simple, doesn't it? If it were, everyone would be retaining their employees at higher rates and movies like Horrible Bosses wouldn't exist. The fact of the matter is you have to make management as responsible to employees as employees are to management. Give respect. Set high standards for leadership and take a top-down approach. Nothing kills a team faster than ego.

Hire Those That Fit with Your Culture

Hiring to fit with your culture is extremely important. It doesn't matter if you have a Mensa scholar who can do the job better than anyone else if he/she makes everyone around him/her miserable. The rest of the team, even whole departments, will want nothing to do with that person. That hire just isn't worth it when there are highly capable candidates who fit within your value system, work well with others and get the job done.

Immerse Your Employees in Your HR Brand

Your culture is your HR Brand. Give it the weight it deserves. A plaque on the wall with your mission statement is a great start, but you have to be willing to live and breathe it. Immerse employees in your HR Brand through constant communication with every available tool –training documents, newsletters, email and social media. Make it as important as your policies and procedures. Measure and reward employees based on your culture and HR Brand, not just yearly reviews.

The bottom line is this –people who actively want to work for your company will come in with positive motives and become evangelists for you. As a result, you will see more quality inquiries every month than most companies see in a year. And you will keep those great employees year over year.