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Let’s make payroll tax more doable


Avoid penalties, stay compliant and ensure accuracy with employer Payroll Tax services.

Make Payroll Tax Processing Less Taxing

As a leading innovator of U.S. and Canadian Payroll Tax services, we have the right combination of Workday Payroll and tax processing expertise to reduce errors and make the whole process less taxing.

Leveraging advanced, proprietary payroll tax software, OSV reduces your efforts around filing and depositing payroll taxes, saving your team time and money as a result.


Our payroll professionals work as an extension of your team, freeing them to focus on other projects without giving up control or transparency.

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For more information about Payroll Tax Services and other services, please contact OneSource Virtual.

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Full Service Payroll Tax Management

Stay Compliant With In-Application Support

When managing employer payroll taxes, minimizing mistakes and staying in compliance is important. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. 

Our seasoned team of certified payroll professionals works directly inside your Workday application, helping you accurately and promptly file your employer taxes.

Simplify Payroll Tax Compliance

We understand the complexities of employer payroll taxes and payroll tax compliance and can help you ease these burdens, providing you with a range of benefits.

U.S. & Canadian Tax Filing And Processing Services

  • U.S. federal, state and local tax filings and deposits
  • Canadian business number, provincial filings, ROE and T4 filings
  • Daily, quarterly and annual tax processing
  • Quarterly and annual tax return filing
  • Canadian Revenue Agency deposits and filings
  • State-specific disability and unemployment payments
  • W-2 and W-2c filings
  • Agency inquiry response
  • Bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly tax reconciliation
  • Preparation and filing of amended returns and supporting documents
  • Online, real-time deposit and filing reports
  • Set up of new tax jurisdictions

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