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COBRA Administration

OneSource Virtual’s COBRA management services help you lighten the load by automating and managing benefits continuation services directly within your Workday Benefits application, reducing errors and your risk of non-compliance. 

No matter your company size, we handle it all for you so your employees can focus on work that is more impactful for your organization.

Working as an extension of your team, our team of knowledgeable COBRA and Workday Benefits Administration professionals help you reduce errors and lessen your risk of non-compliance so your employees can spend more time focusing on the priorities that actually impact your business.


Managing COBRA administration internally is complex and time-consuming. OneSource Virtual helps you navigate these tasks with a cloud-based solution that reduces your risk of non-compliance and gives your team more time to be strategic and productive.

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Our COBRA Continuation Services Include

  • COBRA elections and terminations correspondence
  • Forms processing and notification distribution
  • Management and tracking of qualifying life events
  • Transactions processing, including premium invoices and premium payments
  • Data tracking and real-time reporting that create audit trails for regulatory compliance
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