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Accounts Payable Invoice Imaging


Our advanced invoice imaging technology delivers digital copies of scanned invoices directly to your Workday Financial Management application so your organization can gain real-time insight.

Do More With Workday Financial Management

With Workday Financial Management, you gain full access and control of finance and payroll in one system. Now, enhance your processes further with Accounts Payable Imaging services.

Spend less time scanning invoices and more time streamlining your accounts payable processes with a service that automates your business’s reconciliation process and helps you gain real-time visibility of your cash flow and invoice data.

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For more information about Invoice Imaging please contact OneSource Virtual.

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Integrate Invoice Imaging And Workday Financials

  • Set up customer email addresses for mail centralization
  • Scan invoices and audit all extracted invoice data for accuracy
  • Transit Accounts Payable files with extracted invoice data, default Worktag assignments and images to Workday
  • Information about the plan will be provided to you during the issuance of RSUs.

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