Customer Connection Program
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Customer Connection Program

OneSource Virtual’s Customer Connection Program connects potential customers with our best and brightest existing customers through multimedia experiences. When you join our Customer Connection Program, you have the opportunity to showcase your company’s leadership and demonstrate how you leverage OneSource Virtual’s leading edge technologies and business practices to encourage and equip your organization for success.

Introduction & Overview

We are proud to have you as a customer, and we want to help you gain recognition for your success. Our Customer Connection Program is designed to connect potential customers with existing customers. When you join our Customer Connection Program, you will have the opportunity to promote your company’s leadership and innovation in implementing cutting-edge technology.

Awards Overview

Our Customer Connection Program provides you with the opportunity to showcase your company as a technology leader. Your experiences are an important source of information to us and to other companies that are evaluating OSV as their provider for Workday deployment and BPaaS services.

The Customer Connection Program provides numerous ways for you to accumulate points redeemable for Workday training courses, services and admission toward important industry conferences such as Workday Rising. Points accrue through participation in reference related activities. Once you’ve joined the program, you decide how often you’d like to participate and which projects you’d like to participate in. Points are earned upon completion of the activity whether the material is used by OneSource Virtual or not.

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What are the Benefits?

Enhanced Exposure

Sharing your experience and knowledge shows that you and your company are industry leaders. Your participation can mean increased publicity and exposure through articles, case studies, press releases and/or video testimonials.

Customer Connection Program Award Points

Participating in our program allows you to earn award points, which can be applied toward training classes for you and your team, paid partial or full-admission to important conferences such as Workday Rising and discounts on valuable services.

Networking Opportunities

Joining our Customer Connection Program will give you the opportunity to connect with peers and other industry leaders that might not otherwise be available to you. Networking with peers gives you the juncture to gain the maximum value from your deployment by sharing ideas and solutions.

Talent Acquisition

References help customers demonstrate that their company uses cutting-edge technologies and strategies, which is appealing to candidates who want to stay at the top of their game.

Worldwide Exposure on the OSV Website

Many of the activities in our Customer Connection Program generate opportunities for exposure on our website. Testimonials and case studies are just a few of the examples.

Demonstrate Return on Investment to Executive Leadership

Participating in an activity such as a case study can prove the impact and value of your HRIS project to senior leadership, and lead to expanded budget and additional resources.

Personal Career Development

Use the activities you participate in with the OneSource Virtual Customer Connection Program to get noticed by executives and build a name for yourself within your organization, as well as in your industry. Reference activities, such as speaking engagements, provide outstanding professional development, and the variety of formats and audiences reached can create continual connections to refine and develop this critical leadership skill.

Opportunities to Participate

Customer Reference Slide (for Power Point Presentations - Sales Collateral)
Press Release
Reference Phone Call (Per Call)
External Customer Newsletter Participation
Customer Connection Program Enrollment Bonus*
Media or Industry Analyst Interview
Group Reference Call or Webinar
Site Visit for OSV Prospect or Event Hosting
Written or Video Testimonial and Use of Logo on OSV Website/Collateral
Case Study
Participate in Breakfast or Lunch & Learn Event
Dual Presentation with OSV at Conference
Video Testimonial Filmed at Workday Rising
*Enrollment Bonus is awarded once per Costumer upon joining.
  • “I value that it’s viewed as a partnership as opposed to a customer support relationship. And I truly think that’s where OneSource stands out.”

    Rowena Holden HRIS System Program Manager, Woodard & Curran

  • “It's very unique that OneSource can work within the Workday application. They knew Workday. They were right there.”

    Beth Jung Business Consultant and Senior Manager, HR Technology

  • “Our service level with OneSource is outstanding. I’ve worked with other payroll vendors and I’ve never seen the level of support from a payroll vendor as we see from OneSource on a daily basis.”

    Elizabeth Smith HRIS Administrator, HKS Architects

Opportunity Details

Reference Phone Call

A prospect will contact you by telephone to discuss your OSV deployment and services at a mutually agreed upon time and date. This may include the deployment process, the value of Workday, return on investment, etc. We will provide you with the prospect’s information and the specific items they will discuss ahead of time.

Video Testimonial

You agree to participate in a video testimonial regarding your experience with OSV/Workday. The video may be used on OSV’s website, as well as for collateral.

Customer Reference Slide (For Power Point Presentations - Sales Collateral)

We will develop a slide that details your OSV/Workday project, related business benefits, and the value realized by your company to be used for sales presentations, press interviews, posting on the web, etc. Your company retains the right for final content approval.

Group Reference Call or Webinar

You agree to participate in a recorded group reference call or live webinar with multiple prospects from the convenience of your own office. The live webinar includes a written presentation detailing the problems your company faced, as well as how OSV/Workday solved those problems. A question and answer period follows the end of the webinar.

Press Release

You agree to participate in a joint OSV press release communicating newsworthy information to the public such as go-live announcements.

Media or Industry Analyst Interview

You agree to participate in an interview with a media reporter or industry analyst and OneSource Virtual. The resulting interview may be published in research or media articles.

External Customer Newsletter Participation

You agree to a customer spotlight in our external newsletter. We will write an article about your company detailing the problems addressed and solved by using the OSV/Workday solution. Your company retains final content approval.

Site Visit for OSV Prospect or Event Hosting

You agree to host an on-site visit or Event with other customers or prospects to show and discuss how the deployment of Workday/OSV technology and services have impacted your workplace.

Written Testimonial & Logo Usage On OSV Website/Collateral

You agree to supply OSV a short written testimonial to use on our company website and/or in collateral materials, as well as use of your company logo on our website and collateral such as sales presentation material. You will need to supply OSV with an approved digital version of your logo. Your company retains the right for final approval of written testimonial and logo use.

Participate in Breakfast or Lunch & Learn Event

You agree to do a short presentation at a breakfast or lunch event for a group of OSV prospects and/or independent consultants. This will be an event local to you, typically within a two hour radius. This can also be accomplished via Skype for those events that are not local to you. The presentation is similar to a reference call, with you sharing your experience of the deployment process, the value of Workday technology and OSV services, return on investment, etc. No PowerPoint presentation or written materials are necessary. A Q&A session may follow at the end of your presentation.

Case Study

You agree to participate in an informal telephone interview regarding your experience with OSV/Workday. The interview takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Our professional writer asks questions about the deployment process, the business benefits of OSV/ Workday, the ROI realized, etc. A completed case study is presented to you for final approval. The case study may be posted on the OSV website, used as collateral for our sales process and/or conferences and shared with customers and/or prospects.

Dual Conference Presentaion

Working in conjunction with OSV, you agree to co-create a presentation showing the benefits of the OSV/Workday solution to be distributed to customers and/or prospects at a conference such as Workday Rising. Travel to and from, and registration for the conference would be at your company’s expense unless otherwise agreed upon. This type of event typically takes place at a conference* that your company has already planned to attend.

*Hotel and Airfare to Workday Rising may be paid in part or full according to Reward Redemption policies

Reward Redemption

Points you earn in our Customer Connection Program can be redeemed as follows*:

Workday Training (Virtual and On-Site Sessions)
Paid Entrance to Workday Rising
Paid Entrance to Workday Rising + Hotel (Hotel fees capped at $1000)
Paid Entrance to Workday Rising + Hotel & Airfare (Hotel/Airfare fees capped at $1750)
Workday Application Review

OneSource Virtual will assist your organization in developing a short-term and longterm roadmap to utilize Workday functionality to the fullest. Short-term goals can provide quick results in areas that need immediate attention. Long-term goals will allow you to strategically plan and utilize Workday to meet ever-changing business needs as your company grows.

  • Identify current and future business goals.
  • Understand current processes. Can manual efforts be automated?
  • Determine what’s working and what’s not.
  • Plan for newly delivered features with each Workday update within your current modules.
  • Identify additional modules you plan to implement based on business goals.
  • Will there be acquisitions? How do they fit into your current organization?
Workday Application Review

OneSource Virtual will review your Workday application to ensure you are utilizing delivered functionality efficiently and effectively to meet business goals. We will deliver recommendations based upon our findings. Below you’ll find a few key methods to our approach during analysis.

  • Interview key personnel within your organization to gain an understanding of your business and identify areas of improvement.
  • In depth, cross-functional review of current configuration.
  • Review key business processes looking for opportunities to improve work-flow, process efficiencies and standardization.

Program Policies

This program may not be combined with any other support or services program offerings.

Award redemption is the sole responsibility of program participants, not OneSource Virtual.

Awards may not be redeemed for cash and any unused portion will not be returned as cash.

OneSource Virtual reserves the right to change program terms and conditions at its discretion and without notice.

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