Payroll Data Validation Bot

Payroll Data Validation

Bot Overview

This Bot performs an audit to find common year-end and W-2 filing issues and then reports them to your company so they are not reported to a tax agency or included on an employee’s W-2.

Specifically, the Payroll Data Validation Bot locates and alerts you to the following errors:

  • Invalid addresses
  • Invalid SSNs or characters
  • Negative wages
  • Medicare wages < OASDI
  • Duplicate deductions

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Payroll Data Validation Data Sheet

Discover and report on common year-end and W-2 filing issues before they’re reported to a tax agency or included on an employee’s final W-2.

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Data Sheet

How it Works

You must provide your Workday tenant’s URL and create a username and password for the Bot to log into your tenant. Each time you want to run the audit, all you have to do is kick off the process; the Bot will do the rest. After the Bot finishes, you can retrieve the “Payroll Tax Filing Audit Summary” spreadsheet, which will give you a summary of all the issues with your payroll data. OSV suggests you perform this task at the end of each month.

How do I Start?

In order to be eligible for the Payroll Data Validation Bot, customers must utilize the Workday Payroll module and have access to the “W-2 Preview” report. 

Until now, companies have had to incur significant start-up costs and acquire complicated certifications in order to enter the world of RPA. RPaaS (Robotic Process as-a-Service) removes these barriers by offering Bots that can perform discrete tasks for a fraction of the cost and no required certification. 

This is only the beginning of RPaaS. Look for more Bots to roll out soon.

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