1099 Scrub Bot

1099 Scrub

Bot Overview

No one wants to incur costly IRS penalties and fines, especially when they can be easily avoided. OSV developed this Bot to audit the data on your employee 1099s in Workday and catch any errors before they make it to the IRS.

Specifically, the 1099 Scrub Bot locates and alerts you to the following errors:

  • Missing or incorrect Tax Payer Identification Numbers (TIN) and other 1099 configuration
  • Mismatching supplier tax IDs against the IRS’s website

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1099 Scrub Data Sheet

Avoid costly IRS penalties and fines with an innovative robotic solution that audits employee 1099s in Workday to catch errors before they make it to the IRS.

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Data Sheet

How it Works

You must provide your Workday tenant’s URL and create a username and password for the Bot to log into your tenant. Each time you want to run the audit, all you have to do is kick off the process; the Bot will do the rest. After the Bot finishes, you can retrieve the “Supplier Details Report w/ Last Payment Date” spreadsheet, which will give you a summary of all the issues with your 1099s. OSV suggests you perform this task at the end of each year.

How do I Start?

In order to be eligible for the 1099 Scrub Bot, customers must utilize the Workday Time Financials module and have access to the “Supplier Details Report w/Last Payment Date” report. Those running the report must also have Report Writer access.

Until now, companies have had to incur significant start-up costs and acquire complicated certifications in order to enter the world of RPA. RPaaS (Robotic Process as-a-Service) removes these barriers by offering Bots that can perform discrete tasks for a fraction of the cost and no required certification. 

This is only the beginning of RPaaS. Look for more Bots to roll out soon.

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