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Oct 01, 2018

Onesource Virtual Launches World’s First Robotic Process-as-a-service Offering for Human Resources and Finance

New digital workforce solutions aimed primarily at enterprises with more than 1,000 employees

Dallas, TX – Oct. 1, 2018 – OneSource Virtual (OSV), a leading Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and professional services provider, today announced the world’s first robotic process-as-a-Service (RPaaS) capability for human resources and finance. Available in January 2019, the new offering reinforces OSV’s automation leadership in the service provider industry.

OSV’s new RPaaS solution leverages a digital workforce to help organizations more efficiently navigate a wide variety of business issues in human resources and finance departments. Specifically, it can:

  • Improve processing accuracy and audit trails for financial and compliance-related activities;
  • Increase business efficiency for repetitive, process-driven tasks;
  • Free up employees to focus on more critical operational responsibilities;
  • Explore and test business scenarios without diverting critical employee attention from other tasks
  • Provide an instant resource for handling unexpected business situations, such as high demand requirements, legal or industry compliance issues, and tax audits

“Since its founding in 2008, OneSource Virtual has been widely recognized as an enterprise automation services industry pioneer,” said Trey Campbell, CEO of OSV. “Unlike the giant, tier-one facing service providers, we have no aging legacy IT outsourcing revenue or resources to protect. We think outside the box and innovate entirely new service capabilities at attractive price points by leveraging creative technology resources. We are proving that once again with this new RPaaS offering that we believe will significantly benefit our customers.”

OSV’s newest process automation marks a digital transformation initiative for HR and Financial/Accounting operations. By leveraging a highly scalable and secure robotic process platform, OSV will provide augmented intelligence and cognitive technologies that are well suited to high-demand, fewer-people resource environments. The new OSV RPaaS solution provides end-to-end, rules-based automated processes that require no monitoring and can be controlled via dashboard monitors for outcomes, exceptions and priority re-setting.

OSV will initially be providing three RPaaS service offerings:

  • A RPaaS library solution for Workday HR and Finance where OSV’s digital workforce processes are licensed in an environment hosted by OSV that allows customers to consume only those digital assistants they need. This service is well suited for customer repetitive tasks and those that have high business value either for cost avoidance or resource reduction.
  • A RPaaS platform solution that the customer hosts and maintains, providing a robotic assistant that interfaces with any of their business applications. This is best suited to companies that are ready to embrace automation but need a smaller entry point.
  • A RPaaS platform solution that OSV hosts and maintains that provides a robot that also interface with their business applications, provides a low cost of entry/exit and enables companies to evaluate and validate their readiness for robotics process automation. This reduces the IT resource strain on companies in a minimal risk/commitment scenario.

“Every once in a while we see companies in the services ecosphere that disrupt the norm, shake up the market and do one of two things: completely change the ‘old’ way of doing things, or provide a better/faster/cheaper way to do that (instantiated) thing,” said Phil Fersht, Founder & CEO, HfS Research. "In this instance, OSV is doing both by taking the concept of the digital workforce and RPA to the next level. OSV was founded on the principle of shared automation from its inception and, with this partnership, has demonstrated a strategic commitment to the transformational potential of RPA to create a fundamental change in the commercial and delivery operations of its clients’ business operations. Robots for singular sequenced tasks are not new, but what is new here is that this service in effect creates trackable, accurate digital human processes that can move through multiple applications, perform actions and free up people resources on the business management and controls that make more sense.”

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OneSource Virtual (OSV) is the Workday partner that has helped more than 1,300 companies with everything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all to make the day more doable. Founded in 2008, OSV pioneered Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and has become the leading provider of automated solutions for organizations of all sizes using Workday, delivering services with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. OneSource Virtual’s global headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations across North America and Europe. OneSource Virtual: let’s make the day more doable. Find your company’s solution at www.onesourcevirtual.com.

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