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Jun 25, 2013

OneSource Virtual is Going Green - Our Initiative

Introducing the first initiative for “Going Green” from OneSource Virtual. In this project, we will be addressing the unnecessary use of Styrofoam cups in the office. To diminish the Styrofoam usage, each of the employees has been issued a reusable cup which can hold hot or cold beverages.

In our second initiative, we have installed motion activated lights in the offices. These lights will automatically shut off after a period of time has elapsed with no movement in that area, therefore conserving energy.

Introducing a third wave in the “Going Green” initiative for our organization, is addressing the unnecessary waste of recyclable goods in the office. This will help OSV give back to the environment and the community, by eliminating waste and creating new products by recycling. OSV will promote this effort by supplying recycle bins for our employees throughout our facilities. All proceeds from recyclable goods will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank.

We are excited about the changes we are making to our daily office life in order to help the environment! We look forward to announcing more “Going Green” initiatives in the near future!

Be sure to READ MORE on our "Going Green" page.

Common Q&A for "Going Green"

What Type of products will be recycling? OneSource Virtual will be recycling bottles, cans, and glass.

Where is all the Recycle going? OneSource Virtual is donating proceeds will be going to the North Texas Food Bank.

Where will the Recycle bins be located? They will be located throughout the building on each floor and in the break room.

Who do I ask with any questions about this intuitive? Zachary Turner at 972-916-9795 or email at

Be sure to READ MORE on our "Going Green" page.

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