Business Process Excellence

Once you have Workday, the next stage to continuous excellence is ensuring scalability, innovation, and resilience for future strategies, including M&As, market entry, and IPOs. With our investment in digital automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, you have the right partner to help your team.

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The data imperative

One of the most difficult aspects of working with a third party is finding a partner who cares as much about your data accuracy as you do. Our customer product portals and digital assistant solutions give you visibility into data issues, allowing you time to correct the information before there is a process failure.


The Need for Speed

At OneSource Virtual, we can provide you with all the Workday payroll and payroll tax needs, even during the complexity of an M&A, allowing your Finance and HR Teams to focus on PMO urgent tasks while we ensure employees old and new are paid on time, in a fully compliant way, no matter where they are.     


Workday Benefits

Acquiring a new organisation is complex at the best of time, cultural differences, geographical locations and complexity with hearts and minds is just the tip of the iceberg, it's a stressful endeavour for even the largest HR departments. OneSource Virtual is a Benefits expert, this means, your team have one less thing on their plates opening focus and capacity on your new employees. 

Workday Benefits

Vendor Complexity

M&As do not only mean new employees and new locations, often, they come with new vendors which requires a seamless transition for invoices that need to be paid on time. OneSource Virtual provides a Workday Invoice Pay service ensuring a smooth transition for all new vendors, including vendor management should you require it. 


Strategic roadmap

Struggling to figure out how to get it all done? We can help you document and manage a M&A plan for your Workday platform that allows you to prioritize initiatives for your merger whilst OneSource Virtual takes care of the business as usual. 


OneSource Virtual can provide you with all the flexibility you need when it comes to payroll options, state of the art payroll tax solutions, and the only garnishment solution that includes service level agreements. We believe in a proactive approach to data management through a combination of portals, reports, and a connected service team focused on your success.



We can fully support your benefits needs by helping you leverage the Workday benefits module to reduce certain third-party costs, ensure your vendors are reconciled to eliminate overpayment for ineligible or terminated employees, and provide employee service support to free your team to focus on other priorities. More importantly, we offer a series of employee-specific solutions you may be struggling to prioritize. These include earned wage access, payroll cards, HSA/FSA payment cards, and more.


Accounts Payable

With AP automation for Workday Financials, your single system of record is empowered with automated capture, reducing errors and risk while delivering scalability and efficiency. We also provide process control, real-time insight, and improved visibility into data. Our newest service—Invoice Pay—brings additional benefits to customers, primarily in the form of cash rebates.

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